Wedding theme color
Monday, November 5, 2007

Dulu2..masa tgk all my fren yg kawin dulu dr myself, I was thinking the pink color was sooo sweetttt... (I cannot hide myself dr jatuh chenta dgn color pink wokeh)!

But, ramai sgt org pilih color pink as their wedding theme... purple is so..~blah~, light green is nice but not into me.., blue is too is outdated..eeyakkss...Red is nice but when the dress is in red, mahu pengsan warna2 meriah ala chinese new year!

Setelah aku pikir and pikir and pikir, so, I choose white and red roses for my wedding theme at dewan. I can imagine that my outfit will look so pure with white color and the pelamin and decoration dlm dewan will full with red roses! Yes, this is final!

Then, for the akad nikah, I choose colorful theme...baju with colorful beaded, colorful nice lah!

And for the reception dekat rumah, hehehe..still cannot avoid with, I choose pink and Soulmate said combine the pink color with black! Yup, it's black! So, pink and black will be my wedding theme color for the reception dekat rumah. Yeeehaaaa... I like lol!

Searching for my designer
Friday, November 2, 2007

Ok, here's the story.
I'm not the type to have something which comes in package. As you know nowadays, mcm2 package pengantin yg kita boleh dapat.. You know why? When it comes with package, sometimes, not all things yg ada dlm package tue, memenuhi citarasa... Mcm situation nak booked dewan hari tue...

So, yesterday me and Soulmate went to Man Kajang for our wedding outfit. Since Soulmate's sister, his cousin, my cousin always go for him. So, aku ikut jer.. tapi mmg aku realize la his dress mmg cantik..

Arrived at his boutique, a lil small discussion, here and there... so, we manage to have him for design our outfit utk akad nikah and reception di dewan. ~Weeeee!~

The price of sepasang baju akad nikah L/P dan sepasang baju reception with french lace and chiffon - cost us around RM five thousand plus plus. Gosh!