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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hye darlink!

I'm in 36 weeks of pregnancy and will be deliver Qaira jr. anytime from now. I've prepared my hospital bag last 2 days.. haha.. lambat kan? I was so busy and I think I need a rest! 

Oh, I've done shopping for Qaira and my lil junior. Mostly Qaira punya semua untuk baju raya dia lah.. and for the junior, most of the baju, I recycled Qaira punya dulu.. still look new tau! But, I've spend for baju raya dia jugak recently.. will post the pics later lah!
Aha, I've been eyeing on babygear for my lil junior. Dulu masa Qaira I bought FP Swing for her.. tapi Qaira ni jenis tak suka swing... letak atas katil then tidur terus. Tak payah swing dah lelap. So, I dah jual the swing dulu.

And for my second baby, I was thinking to have a bouncer instead of swing. And i've been eyeing on this!

Pics : Google

This is a new design of FP bouncer ganti yg frame color biru tue... tapi takde music.. Cheaper than the previous one.. Anyone here tahu kat mana murah? I dah survey the cheapest i can get is RM299.. If anyone here tahu kat mana jual lagi  murah, do let me know ok! Appreciate your response! Hiks!

Besides, below piccas are my previous work last week.

Pics : Afifi Ishak

Pics : Afifi Ishak
And the last pelamin was different from what we've done before..A Rock Star theme wedding! Bukan ke banyak kerahan tenaga nak kena bt utk semua nie? hahaha.. semputttt! But, I still manage to work on it.. Thanks Allah.. Alhamdulillah...

And 'US' during our 3rd celebration anniversary at Ayuthaya... Maaflah yer perempuan mengandung harus kelihatan gemuk..agagaga.. even this time I just gained 8kg compared to Qaira dulu smpai 18kg! But still gumun, gumun....Hehe...

Okla... preparing event for this week! Later peeps..



Today, SHE hit 2!
Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear my little jr Qaira Jasmine,

Happy Birthday Sayang... today, u hit 2! Cepat betul masa berlalu... Tahu-tahu Qaira dah 2 tahun...

Anak Mama,

Just a few weeks from now, Qaira nak jadi kakak dah.. Mama n Abah harap u can behave like kakak ok... no more notty2.. you're the one who will take care ur sis nanti... u're so smart and I know anak Mama seorang yang penyayang even garang! hihi

Ok, nanti bila Mama takde (when it times to deliver ur adik), please behave and stay with Abah ok.. no more crying even Mama know that u cannot sleep without Mama nanti... hope it will take 2-3 days in the hospital.. Then, Mama will bring back your sister..insyaAllah....

Qaira Jasmine,

Even it only takes around 3-4 months rezeki Qaira minum susu Mama, but we still close each other..kan? Because I still carried you for the whole 9 months and we talked with each other since that..until today... Alhamdulillah... and since you 9 months young, Mama the one who take care for you for 24 hours a day.. no skip on morning and evening shower.. breakfast, lunch, dinner, semua Mama yg suapkan.. no one involve since I have full time to feed you bila Mama dah resign from my job. It's a blessed to have this opportunity because u should know not every mommies in this world get a chance to take care their child for 24 hours a day due to carik sesuap nasik for the family... I think Allah dah tulis semua ni untuk Qaira... so u should be thankful to Allah..

Dan dalam masa 2 tahun Qaira bersama Mama and Abah, tak sikit pun Mama rasa susah menjaga and mendidik Qaira..sakit, makan Qaira semua Mama & Abah hadapi tanpa rungutan.. and i hope satu hari nanti bila Mama and Abah dah tua, Qaira tak lupa ni semua...

Akhir kata, semoga hidupmu dirahmati Allah... Amin.

Salam Sayang,
Mama & Abah
6 Julai 2011

Today, we hit 3!
Monday, July 4, 2011

Today is our 3rd Anniversary! yeay! I love u Yang...forever.. !

Tq for being such a good husband, bff and a lovely Abah to Qaira n our future dotter.. hihihi
Let's celebrate dear!