Testing, testing
Thursday, June 21, 2012

Huwaaaa..testing..boleh plak blogger ni bukak ipad...tipu!! Dh lama try hari ni baru boleh..ceh.Klu camtu, pasni mesti rajin update!

Qaira will hit 3 soon!

Ok sory ampun! I know lama sangat tak update eyh. yes busy and some more i just hate my Ipad sbb tak boleh nak bukak blogger. I need to use my PC and nak on PC memang selalu malas! huwaa ;)

Qaira will turn 3 next month! Meaning that, my wedding anniversary will turn 4. Yup true. Klise. How time flies. I promised her that this year will gonna throw a party.. together with her sister. But, kita hanya merancang dan Allah dah tentukan. It's not meant for Qaira to celebrate her birthday with her lil sis, arwah Damia. I'm not sure either she still remember Damia. But ada satu masa..maybe 2-3 months ago, she asked me to take off my clothes sbb dia ckp, "Min nak bagi adik makan". Yeah..dia tengah main masak-masak that time. Meaning that she still remember I have a big belly and she know her adik pernah ada dalam perut Mama. Never mind. I'm so much stronger now. Every time I nak sedih I always think that Damia will wait for me nanti. And I smile back. Nothing to be sad. I've always thanks Allah on what happened to Damia. Alhamdulillah :)

 Oh ya.. back to the story. For Qaira's 3rd party, husband and I decided to celebrate at J Kids Tropicana City Mall. Masa Qaira's 1st birthday, I pilih Bugs Colorful themed for her. And when she hit 2, there is only small celebration together with our family..no specific themed but I bought Barney's cake for her. But it still make her smiled all the day. And for this year, since Qaira didn't demand for any specific themed, so I pilih an owl girly themed party for her with pink, blue and red as a main color. Tengah dia tak tahu apa-apa better I laksanakan terus themed pilihan hati sendiri even I realized lately ni dia suka sangat dgn Barbie and princess.

Taadaaa... her e-invitation. I've always love owl sebab comel. Besides, I tak pernah tengok ada org buat owl themed in Malaysia so I decided to plan an owl party. weeehuuu... so, majlis pun belum nampak bayang lagi. I've just invite family and close friends. Sebab party room dia takla besar sgt. Only can fit around 50 ppl. So, those yg I tak jemput, jgn ambil hati ya. And....the exciting part ialah...I've already prepared all the deco, deco thingy. From the birthday banner, candy buffet, photobooth, welcome signage, table setup for kids, guestbook corner and bla bla bla..semua telah di personalised kan for her! It's a hectic planning tho! And I pulak rasa tak sabar mcm anak nak kawen. Haha..

And the best part dekat JKids ni compared to other playland, we can bring our own food atau ambil caterer luar. So, best lah and tak bosan balik-balik makan all the fast food thingy coz I just hate fast food. Hehe.. Ok, later lepas habis party I review eyh.. But as usual I can't promise. Takut nanti tak terbuat. 

By the way, I've already have my own cookies page at facebook. I called my baby biz as My Sugar Shack. U can click here. Those yang ada fb, you all boleh like atau order apa-apa yang patut. I was so busy preparing the party utk Qaira and at the same time buat cookies tak henti and I wonder how la to manage my times nnt utk raya order yang semakin banyak! And I wanna bake a giant cookies for Qaira's party nanti. Tak sabar! And untuk sesiapa yang nak order cookies, u can pm me or just e-mail my_sugarshack@yahoo.com. Besides cookies, I will come out later with other party treats/food untuk cater small party around 50-100 packs. Kira mcm u all can order my special lasagna and other savoury and I akan hantar to the venue. Later I explain. Hihi..

So, till now,