Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy
Friday, November 28, 2008

Anyone ibu2 here or sape2 yang can help me on this? What foods should I avoid during this pregnancy?

Last weekend, we’re having a kenduri for my aunt who left us to perform hajj. One of my lovely cousin cooked Nasi Minyak I guess (not sure nasi apa itu..dan lupa nak tanya..). And bila kita sibuk2 nak makan tue, she ran to me and said, “This nasi is yours..special made for u since nasi nie ada nenas..”.

So, I was looking at my nasi and saw there is no nenas and terus dr selera nak makan, dah tak jadi dah.. My fav fruits is pineapple u know.. and suddenly tak boleh makan.. How frust I am sampai kecur perut tgk nasi yg ada nenas tue.. Mmmm… sedapnya, meleleh air liur..agagaga…

Then they said, pineapple is not good during pregnancy. Is it real? I heard this before and I thought it’s a traditional things yg org tua-tua selalu ckp… but, since sekarang dah moden, so I think (actually I didn’t think anything on that day) pineapple is safe for me to eat memandangkan nenas jua ada khasiatnya…

Besides that, mmm, I read that I should avoid caffeine too! Well, definitely my fav drinks is Coffee! How about decaffeinated coffee? Which I always take this one even before I’m pregnant… Is it ok?

Aha, and one more thing, I also should avoid from taken raw meat and anything that contains bacteria and viruses… Vitagen boleh tak? Vitagen kan ada bacteria baik? Bacteria baik boleh kan?kan?kan? Mmm, hot dog pun kena masak betul2… daging pun kena masak betul2… tak boleh half cooked.. dulu b4 pregnant, I enjoyed half cooked steak… so, sekarang tak bolehlah kan?

Another thing, anything containing unpasteurized milk is a no-no. Dan juga soft cheese! But cheese lain ok kan since cheese like mozzarella etc telah di pastuer kan?

Well, bonda2 out there… what do u think? Any advise?

How to share in your wife's pregnancy
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Semalam I was really exhausted... I didn't face any morning sickness... waktu pagi, aku baik saja..pegi keja as usual... cuma rasa mual but it didn't make me to throw up or something... tapi bila malam je, badan rasa mcm masuk angin... and sakit sgt... tak selesa dan mcm2 rasa lagi.... barulah terasa nak muntah etc... eee.. tak tahan....

So, i think, in 5 weeks pregnancy, my body notice some pregnancy discomfort already. I felt nausea, sore breast and frequent urination... well, i guess it's normal... but still feel uncomfortable... and sometimes I cannot accept any jokes from husband... oh, poor husband.. sian dia... but he really get involve and share this pregnancy.... really... he helped me a lot... so far, from my observation, he always pay attention to me... he's enjoying seeing the baby grow... that's good... he always motivate me... suruh sabar... ckp yg apa aku lalui nie, adalah normal and sakit2 nie bcoz my body try to identify 'benda asing' yg ada dlm diri... bagus kan? aku pun tak pikir... agagaga

It's ok... it's still early for me to pening2 nak pikir pasal apa pun... what should I do now is to take care the baby.... anything can happen and I really scared if something bad happen... I mentioned this to husband but he always said that xpyh ckp yg bukan2.... ok, ok.. i just cannot stop thinking... I will keep my mouth shut... sesungguhnya mulut nie mmg takkan berhenti cakap!
Tajuk kita pada kali ini hanyalah untuk menegaskan bahawa suami perlu jaga isteri... jgn komplen!

Food Cravings During Pregnancy
Monday, November 24, 2008

Cravings kah?

Is it normal? I'm just 5 weeks pregnant and cravings mcm2? Is it because of the baby atau apetite aku yg sengaja2 nak mkn banyak? Till this dialog always happen between me n husband.

Me : Laparla...teringin nak makan bla,bla,bla...
Husband : Makanla...

2-3 hours later...

Me : Lapar la.. nak mkn bla, bla, bla...
Husband : Tak kenyang ker? Bukan td baru mkn ke?
Me : Lapar....!
Husband : Orait...makanla... but this one for baby ker atau for u?
Me : gelak...agagagaga...

Other situation...

Me : Teringin nak makan bla, bla, bla..
Husband : Nie, sape nk mkn? Baby ker atau awak?
Me : Orangla yg nak makan...

And beberapa jam pastu....

Me : Nak mkn...
Husband : Sekarang, sape plak yg lapar lagi? Baby ker awak?
Me : Orangla..
Husband : Kalau awak,..So, xboleh mkn lagi... lapar je memanjang..
Me : Ok, ok... baby yg lapar...
Husband : ye ke? Okla.. boleh mkn... (sambil buat muka tersirat di sebalik kata2 "baby yg lapar..")

See? Ooo..untuk baby jer boleh.. and definitely, for me, xboleh mkn banyak... so, I need to make an excuse yg apa saja cravings nie dtg from the baby..heheheh...baru blh dpt makan yg enak2..

I read this. And they said, it is normal. So, okla.. but what ever it is, I still need to control my food... Currently, I'm so worried if my weight naik mendadak... eee...takootttt!

Waiting for my new babies...
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sorry for long silence eyyy...

It has been a lot of things happen to me lately... Dari probs masa tempat kerja lama till I'm now in my new office... belum apa2, I need to handle a big event..well, dah mula busy...

So, I was like.. banyak kerja etc.. 2-3 days I felt pening2 and I thought I was so exhausted with my workload... konon mcm banyak kerja la sgt... i need to attend meeting itu and ini... kdg2 balik kerja lambat etc...

Dah dpt kerja baru, dan gaji yg baru serta byk jua.. (uweekkkk), maka I'm planning to have another car instead of my husband car and keta ayah yg aku pinjam dr zaman universiti till now... so, plan punya plan, I was like teruja to have a new Vios... nampak sweet jek bila aku pakai.. terlebih sudah...perasan kan? (itu je yg boleh aku afford at this time..) So, plan and plan dan bila dah confirm, suddenly, unexpected things muncul!

Ok ok, back to the reason why pening2 and so exhausted things... I was thinking like.. eee..peningla... asal ek? pregnant kah? Oh, maybe not... I was still under vaccination... and 3 months of period to avoid for being pregnant only akan tamat pd end of this month... so...pastilah tidak...

Well.... to be safe, let's go to the Women Specialist Centre... I'm on mc yesterday.. dan pergilah jua aku bersama suami... agagaga.... well, setelah di soal siasat itu n ini about our 'family' routine, mari kita buat scan... is it for real.. because Dr. Alnand asked me to take urine test... but, mmg aku tak boleh and tak rasa mcm nak pee pun... so, dia kata takpelah..just scan dulu... adakah baby inside my tummy yg slalu buat pening2 itu?

He scanned at my tummy and something was there... arrgghh.. baby kah? But it's not very clear... The Dr. said, we test through 'down' area... i was like... Oh! well, ok..... then, Dr. pun scan la... and the Dr. said,

"See this? (pointing at the small things kat screen tuh)"

Me, "Yes...."

"This is your baby!"

I was like...oh teruja + happy + tiada perasaan yg boleh describe how happy i am time tue...

"Ye ke?"

And the Dr. said " You are 4 weeks pregnant now... and the 'things' baru around 1-2cm"

Weeeee....but suddenly, I knew that I'm still in rubella vaccination... consult with the Dr., and he said, it's ok... actually 1 month is enough to avoid from being pregnant... so Congratulations to both of u....

Wah, now you know what I mean?

Hahahha, I'm a MAMA to-be....


But, it is still in early pregnancy... anything can happen...I was advised to take care of the baby to-be... coz 3 months ada banyak risk for the baby.. so, I need to behave my self....

And husband, was sooooo happy... sampai sibuk je pegang perot and said, "Hai baby... abah nie...".

And I just staring at him and said "Dia tak boleh dengar lagi la...!"

and now, i'm waiting for my new babies la... my very own baby.. and my very own new car la...(Insyaallah)

I've been tagged by Cutefrog78
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eeeee..tagged lagi tau... tagged nie umpama memaksa org jawab kan..benciiikkk aku... agagaga... Mari, aku nak jawab....

Starting time : 11.20am

Nama : Amie jek sudahla..
Sisters : 2 jek termasuk aku
Brother : The youngest one.. he's 14
Shoe size : 8
Heights : 163cm (nasib ko tak tanya beratkan)

Where do u live : Kepong
Have you ever been on a plane : Yer laaaaaaaaa
Swam in the ocean : Mmmm...pernah
Fallen asleep at school : Hari2
Broken someone’s heart : Selalu wei...
Fell off your chair : Ntahla.. tak ingat
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Masa zaman cintan2 la.. umah dekat pun nak gayut 3-4 jam...

Saved e-mails : mmmmmm
What is your room like : All the furniture is in White!
What’s right beside you: Malaikat
What is the last thing you ate : Scrambled egg + roti hasil sentuhan suamiku
Chicken pox : Ha..pernah!
Sore throat : Selalu
Stitches : Takde

Broken nose : Tak pernah
Do you Believe in love at first sight : First sight jek nak buat apa... harus dr pelbagai sight
Like picnics : Bencik tau! Kena bawak makanan sume pelbagai.. makan kat restoran kan best
he last person you danced with : Dengan laki aku kat dlm bilik... boleh? agagaga
Last made you smile : Ntahlah..aku dah lupa...

You last yelled at : My bro!
Today did you…to someone you like : Aku tak suka ek soalan yg tak cukup sifat!
Kissed anyone : Oh! Ramai...
Get sick : Bila sakit la..
Talk to an ex : Aku tak tahula tahun bila...
Miss someone : My late mom!

Who do you really hate: Those who dengki nak mampos... dan suka tiru apa yg aku buat.. cthnya; smpai sekarang, adalah beberapa makhluk yg bila aku beli baju nie, dia beli.. bila aku beli nie, dia pun beli... menyibuk je kan? siot la..
Do you like your hand-writing : Of course! Chantek tau!
Are your toe nails painted : Menyusahkan

Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : mmm, kalau aku tgk bersih tanra ada rasa, bau dan warna, harus aku zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
What color shirt are you wearing now : Grey
Are you a friendly person : Tgk org, tgk mood
Do you have any pets : Nope
Do you sleep with the TV on : Tak pernah..jgn bazirkan elektrik ek..

What are you doing right now : Thinking
Can you handle the truth : Boleh
Are you closer to your mother or father : Yup
Do you eat healthy : Sometimes... bila dah kena bebel dgn husband
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : Aku dah buang tau... nnt husband jeles~

If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : Tak pegi kat sesape..dok diam jek
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : loud.......loud....n loud...
Are you confident : Mmmm.. depends on situation

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
Jenjalan tanpa sebarang masalah
???? Mcm2 la...

5 things I would do if i were a billionaire:
Expand biz aku

5 of my bad habits:
Cakap kasar
Suka merajuk
Pandang rendah kat org

5 places I’ve lived/living
Umah ayah/mama
Umah PIL
Hostel kat matrix UIA, PJ
Hostel kat UIA, Gombak
Umah sewa kat Melaka during MMU time..

5 things I feel grateful
I'm still alive
So far, apa aku nak, boleh dapat
I still have my dad
I have my husband yg always care about me
Frens & Families

5 people I would like to tag
The first five to give comment at this entry

Coming Up Next...
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Coming Up next...

Dah 4 bulan, aku lupa plak nak upload gambar basi ketika honeymoon di Bali..

Esok plak la yer...


4 months till today...

Gambar gedix2 tersadai dibahu husband..agagaga

Diam tak diam hari nie dah genap 4 bulan aku kawin... yeeehaaa.... cepat kan? semangat kawin tue masih mak terasa dlm jiwa nie... kiranya pengantin baru lagi la kan? kan?

Nie pas dah habis majlis... nak say goodbye.. kitorang nak gi honeymoon lak...

Saje je nak post gambar gedix2 sendiri from our 2nd photographer, Ghazali Mohamed... hik hik..

Gambar control chantek kat pelamin.. (control ker?bukan aku mmg chantek ker? hik hik)

Mmmm... bestnya.. rasa mcm nak buat majlis kawin skali lagi... boleh tak? agagaga... aku punya pasallah! korang jgn jeles ek!

p/s - mesti nnt ada komen maut aku terima dr manusia penyibuk kat blog aku nih... korang tgk la nnt... si pengomen, sape makan cili, mesti ko terasa pedasnya! agagaga....

I'm not a fully time housewife anymore

Elo peeps,

Cukupla for 2 weeks merasa jd housewife. As i told u guys b4, i'm not so into the housewife thingy.. Rasa mcm rimas sgt.. Tp yg bestnya blh tdo sesuka ati kt umah bla menjelangnya tghari. Tp jd housewife ni ingat senang.. Rasa mcm penat sgt pun ada.. Mcm2 nk buat.. at last ending kat atas katil..and,


Ok, ok..semalam baru start keja baru... so, busy sket la nak adapt dengan suasana baru.. will update later...ok?