BuSY sebab inilah!
Thursday, July 29, 2010

Events in July!

Event at Semenyih!

The flower arrangement!

Favors! Sesuai for any occassions!

Aqiqah / Cukur Jambul deco!

Wedding at Seri Pacific Hotel, KL

So many popcakes order! And this is the reason I need to cut the order! Sudah terlalu banyak!

So, sebab tak update blog tue adalah sebab ini! Every weekend sangat busy! And all this, I buat in July! Belum lagi masuk minggu nie 19 dulang hantaran, birthday favors and event kat Saloma Bistro! Alhamdulillah! And those sesape yg nak kawen, adik ke abang ke sedara mara ke nak kawen, birthday party, cukur jambul or any event, silalah ke http://merisikgallery1.blosgpot.com

And those yg tunggu quotation for birthday party, hope tunggu my reply ya.. I will get back to you... Insyaallah as soon as possible. Thanks for ur support!

Till now,

p/s - I really sayang this blog due to lama sangat I tulis blog nie dr I grad till now! Will try to update sampai ke anak cucu! HUhuhu...Insyaallah..

Party Items for rental
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Due to so many emails yg I received, mana nak dapat tue, mana nak dapat nie..boleh tak rental kantue, boleh tak rentalkan nie, now, I open some of party items for rental!

Colourful plate - 50pcs

Banner for rental - Only available "HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY"
Paper pomander blue and yellow to let go - RM20 for both!
Water glass for rental

Another pomander ball to let go!

Lantern for rental.. any colors.. name it!

Qaira's tutu..size 1yr - 2yr

For rental items as stated above, e-mail my personal e-mail at miz.amie@yahoo.com

Besides items yg nak let go and for rental, yes, we do receive order for customized birthday banner, candy buffet, food/cupcakes topper, tag, favors.. name it! Semua pun boleh.. Just place your order at merisik_gallery@yahoo.com

Me as a housewife.. what is my achievement?

Heylow peeps,

I'm fasting today! Yeay! Was thinking apalah nak makan for buka puasa today.. Huhuhu...

I've been so busy as I mentioned before rite? It's due to my fulltime focus on my business after I become a housewife! Yesss, I'm a W-A-H-M! And, Alhamdulillah, rezeki for me is always there. Thank you so much to those client yg memberi kepercayaan penuh to us.. ..

Being a housewife for 3 months already, I'm glad that I achieved so many things.. I can reward myself dengan bestnya compared during my working life. Yes, it's true.. it's a tough decision for the first time.. But later, demi keberanian saya.. (wahh, ayat tak boleh blah), I am working hard to proove to those yg pandang rendah pd I. The 3k salary yg dapat during zaman keja dulu is nothing compared to now. Now, I really satisfied with myself.. Dalam tempoh yang pendek, I know I can do it! It's true!

Till now, I'm proud and was so happy that my loan bank has been approved! Yeay! And, I managed to get this!!!!

It's a duplex condo (2 tingkat). It is not a new location. Lebih kurang 2-3 tahun dah condo nie.. But, I just love the place..so cosy.. so resort style..ahahahha... Alhamdulillah....

We just bought this condo.. But, not sure yet nak duduk or sewakan as investment due to skrg nie, I stayed with my MIL.. sebab my MIL pun stayed alone. So, not sure yet. But at least I bought this for future la.. Sebab, I still nak jugak landed area.. But tak nak kawasan yg jauh-jauh tue.. So, tahu jela landed area so so expensive kan... So, kenalah simpan uwang lagi.. Huhuhu... But, to have this adalah sangat bersyukur. Alhamdulillah...

Image : Google jer.. Nanti bila I nak pegi tgk rumah lagi, will snap some piccas!

And, due to busy like a crazy.......... I pampered my self with ....................


Beli pejam mata sudah... kalau tak, tak dapatlah baju baru, lappy baru and hp baru! Huhuhu...  Alhamdulillah..

And for you out there yg nak keja dr rumah.. , ataupun nak buat business sendiri, my advice, believe in yourself! Tak payah dengar apa org kata.. Org nak keji ker, hape ker... talk negative ker hape ker..if kita percaya kita boleh buat..., meaning that we can do it!!!!!! Manusia dengki kat luar sana memang berlambak. Tapi hanya kita tahu kebolehan kita.. So teruskan! I'm writing this, sbb I tahu ramai kat luar sana and also my fren, yg memang nak sangat keja sendiri tapi takde kekuatan diri kan? So, I proove this to you... And I hope, kita juga boleh berjaya seperti org lain! Go Go! But, believe me..it's not easy and u need to sacrifice your time... energy... Tapi yg pasti, ia akan menjanjikan sesuatu!

Till now,

New Bag and bag.. !
Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mine! Hiks!

Till now,

Qaira Jasmine's 1st Birthday Bash!
Friday, July 23, 2010

It's time to update! Yeay! Warning! Warning! This entry might take your time and fully with piccas! Enjoice!

Date : 10th July 2010
Theme : Bugs theme party!

Welcome board

Dessert @ Candy Buffet

Red Velvet Cupcake is yummy!

Colourful straw with colourful cuppies! Anything and everything are colourful!

Favors for guest

Party hat for guest

Colourful lantern is everywhere!

P.O.P.C.A.K.E yg sgt colourful n yummy too!

Macaroons anyone? Fadd, u makan banyak kan? Hahahaha...

Qaira's piccas from newborn till 11 months young!

Pomander paper menggantikan fresh flowers! Nice.. i like! tq to my sis!

Pembukaan majlis with doa!

Qaira with her cousin yg ramai org kata kembar!

Qaira's romper was my idea! Cantik tak?

Mama, I'm 1!

Me, walking like princess Mama! Hihihi...

Saya ada 7 batang gigi! Hihihi

My lil family... always in my heart ;)

Mama, Qaira ada tongkat sakti..if Mama berani, marahlah Qaira lagi... Nnt Qaira jadikan mama Queen... Queen apakah? Queen Latifah...hahahaha... (xboleh blah tau)

Mama loves Qaira and Abah!

Qaira with her cousins...

Clap your hand darling!!!!

Bugs is everywhere!

The chocolate fountain wassss soooo drrroooling.... I sendiri tak sempat nak makan!

Qaira malu sangat bila time cake cutting! Dunno why..hahaha

Ok, I over!

Qaira's 1st birthday cake!

Cake cutting with Mama and Abah!

Blogger frens! Tq for coming... can't mentioned all names.. ramai sgt! tq tq! love all of u! muahhssss

Elyeda is late.. but tq for coming dear!

Anita pun lambat juga! Tq for coming..even lambat pun...tq tq!

Me with my school besties!

And my family!

Ok, I will continue later ya with a lot of stories behind the party.. Nanti I reveal all the vendors yg mengambil bahagian dalam party ini.. hihihi...

Till now,
Bye Bye