Cookies yang lazat..Marilah order!
Saturday, December 31, 2011

Now, I nak buka order untuk cookies yang lazat.. Sedap I tell you everyone.. using impoted barang-barang ala2 Famous Amous (katanya...ekekeke)

Cookies as below:

M&M's Hershey's Chocolate Chips Cookies

M&M's Hershey's Chocolate Chips Dark Cookies

Cadbury Chocolate Chunky Cookies


Price is RM35 for 50 pcs for bite size!
RM22 for 30 pcs for bite size!
And RM1.50 for 1 pc for party size!

Kindly take note that price dia agak costly sket because using Hershey's Chocolate Chips, M&M's chocolate or Cadbury, tartura butter and Pillsbury Flour serta using secret recipe! Semua  imported items and HALAL! And yg nie bukan mcm M&M's cookies yg I jual before. Ia lagi lazat and penuh dengan coklat serta menggunakan kacang yang mahal-mahal..hehehe...

Dan untuk party size sesuai as door gift dan hidangan di meja candy or dessert buffet anda! Best!!!

Serius rasa adalah bukan seperti chocolate chips hari raya..hehe ;) (at least for me lah kan...)

To order, kindly direct e-mail me at


Cookies ni self pick up at my location Taman Ehsan, kepong (around 10-15mins from Ikea) atau boleh pos via pos laju.. no big deal!

Goodbye 2011! hello 2012.. ;)
Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hye all,

Yes.. i must blog about's a last month of 2011.. another 4 days we're in 2012.. so I guess this is my last entry for 2011... a summary for this month.. I've been so busy... to handle Qaira... my family... fuhhh...

Rasa mcm sedih jer nak tinggalkan 2011. It's not a lucky year for me... a sad year i must said.. i lost my lil angel Damia... and it is really hurt me so much...! But, after all the sadness, it's Qada' & Qadar. I terima dengan hati terbuka. Disebalik kehilangan Damia, I still have my lil Qaira, hubby and my lovely family. Love y'all. And I hope in 2012, after all the sadness, semoga Allah memberi kebahagiaan dan dimurahkan rezeki di tahun 2012... Amin.

Oh ya... it's December rite? It;s a shopping time isn't it? Sana sini semua SALE rite now kan? I think I have spend a lot this month! Shopping jer kerja boleh dikatakan setiap hari! Boleh tak? Huhuhu.. But, shopping, shopping jugak... Savings are much more important... Alhamduilillah... rezeki.

Latest gadjet..thanks to Hubby! Even semua org dah ada ipad, I baru terkedek2 nak beli..wakakaka..

After 2 weeks I bought Ipad and asyik gaduh rebut dengan Qaira jer... so husband and I decided to buy LeapPad for Qaira... so jgn kacau Mama ok!

Budak skrg pandai kan? Tak payah ajar explore sendiri... semua dia tahu... oh ya., leappad ni i very recommend to all out there.. it is educational toys.. dari beli entah apa-apa, i think u should spend this for ur love one.. RECOMMENDED!

Another rembatan....And I bought my self yang memang lama sangat tak pakai since zaman anak dara...

Jeng jeng jeng.....................






A 5 inch heels... since mengandungkan Qaira tak pernah pakai... Now, nak pakai balik... feeling2 cam model catwalk..huhuhu...

And another following week... ;)

Not to forget another online shopping ;)

And hereeee..... My FitFlop dh sampai... and I love it to the maxxx!!!

A set of make up for myself...  ;)
Thanks to those yang recommend Bobbi Brown kat FB hari tue..

And to reward husband for my Ipad2, I bought him.... SPANX!!! Ok, best eyhh! Berkesan... To all, I really recommend this product for your husband yang perut agak ke depan.. wakakaka... serius it help! My husband love it to the max!

 Aha... since the Candylicious shop dah bukak kat One Utama, cubaan pertama Garret.. maaflah I agak ketinggalan... wakakaka... sedapnya caramel with Macadamia nut... i love it! But it taste sweet... but, who cares???

Dan di samping sibuk with all MG's job, here my M&M's cookies.. thanks to all yang order.. and I love when people said.... SEDAP!!  Rasa happy dapat serve org makan sedap-sedap!

Nak order? E-mail me ya

Qaira yang dah big girl... ;)

Me with MG's team and MG's Junior... huhuhu..

Masuk gak la gambar nie... karang nanges gambar dia takde.. huhuhu

Well..a happy ending 2011..even banyak kenangan pahit, I think life must move on... So to all, Happy New Year! Kita jumpa tahun depan ok.. InsyaAllah..

Till now,

LeapFrog and Groove Musical Table to let go...
Monday, December 19, 2011


This interactive, musical activity table engages and entertains baby with songs, melodies, real instrument sounds, and lots of things to spin, roll, slide, open and close.

Learn & Groove Musical Table Bandstand plays over 40 songs and melodies so your baby stays entertained while exploring. When babies turn the center page, the activity table switches modes and transforms musical discoveries into learning activities where each instrument plays a learning song - about the alphabet, counting, shapes or colors.

Baby can begin learning and exploring on the floor. Attach the table legs to graduate to standing play. As babies experiment with their world and learn to stand, little hands are busy reaching, grabbing and pulling. Songs, melodies and sounds from real instruments engage little ones and encourage them to push, pull, spin, slide, open, close and roll. Plus, twinkling lights follow along with every tune.

The LeapStart Learning Table features detachable table legs for infant floor play, a volume control and an automatic shut-off.

Learning Mode Introduces:
  • Bilingual learning in both English and Spanish!
  • Letters A-Z
  • Counting 1-10
  • Colors & Shapes
  • First Words
  • Cause & Effect
  • Instrument Sounds
Music Mode Introduces:
  • Blues Trumpet
  • Pop Tunes
  • Jazz Piano
  • Bass Rhythms
  • Drum Beats
  • Children's Classics
  • Jazz Vocals
  • Flip the center page to choose Learning Mode or Music Mode
  • Move the trombone slider to play a counting song or a cool blues riff
  • Tap the drums to explore shapes and colors or to play 3 different drum sounds
  • Roll the maraca to play a swinging alphabet song or 12 soothing tunes
  • Spin the banjo wheel to discover opposties or to play 14 classical tunes
  • Play the piano to create a color song or to hear jazzy tunes
  • Slide the cello knob to explore "up/down" and "high/low" or to hear real bass rhythms
  • Discover "open/close" and "hello/bye bye" or play upbeat jazz vocals
Age: 6 to 36 months

SOLD! tq

Yang pasti..lagi murah dari kedai kat luar atau online shop. Beli utk Qaira tapi sampai rumah memang dia tak nak main langsung!!! Never ever! maybe sbb dia dah besar kot.. i purchased this last month jer!  E-mail me

p/s - lately ni jarang nak update blog.. those yang nak keep intouch, kindly add me at FB b4 that, introduce yourself dulu...ok..tq!