Self preparation toward marriage
Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Lately I was so busy with my work. Keja, keja n keja till that day I off duty for 2 days. Soulmate and I went to lepaks2 di Old Town White Coffee yg berhampiran dengan umah (as this is our lepak venue for all the time bila bosan2).
Asyik bercerita about our wedding, suddenly dia bersuara lebih kurang mcm nie bunyinya.

S : Asyik cite pasal kawin, awak dah bersedia ke?
Me : Bersedia apa?
S : Self preparation toward marriage.
Me : (Bulp!)
S : Hidup suami isteri tak sama dengan yg mcm sekarang.
Me : Ya, I know.
S : Nanti bila dah jd suami isteri, awak kena taat ckp suami, bla bla bla and bla....

After that, I just realized, Soulmate sungguh menyentuh hati. He mentioned about the duty as husband and wife. Waaa..sungguh jauh pemikiran Soulmate...Ya, I mean, b4 nie mmg la aku dah bersedia nak jadi isteri... but Soulmate think lebih dari jadi suami isteri...About our future and bla bla... dan membuatkan aku lebih yakin dengan pilihan sendiri... ekekeke....

Well, I realized that.. this things adalah perkara yg sgt penting that every future bride n groom mesti fikirkan. Bukan baju yg beribu, bukan pelamin yg indah yg menjamin hidup kita, ada lagi perkara lain yg penting yg selalu kita lupa! Terutama sebagai wanita, it's really hard to carry the title of 'ISTERI' if we're not ready.

For me, siapkan pemikiran, tetapkan hati, teguhkan iman, let us discuss the issue of Self Preparation Toward Marriage' with your soulmate!

Susah Hatilah Saya
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aha, I was so susah hati when thinking about relationship. Another 6 months to go, I hope nothings happen during our preparation.
Well, I have 3 best friends dari sekolah rendah till now. They are Ms.Y, Ms.R and Ms.H. What I heard about them when we went to gedix2 that day, Ms.H telah putus hubungan yang telah terjalin selama 7 tahun! Yes, 7 tahun..when we still at form 5! Ok, that's the story. I feel so sad about her..
I just cannot imagine after 7 years relationship, hubungan boleh putus mcm tu saje..Yela, me and Soulmate juga berjumpa masa tingkatan 5. At that time, he has his gf.. but, suddenly tiba2 jatuh chenta pandang ke 16. Ahahaha... Ms.H and me, build the relationship masing2 pada tahun yg sama.. We're school mate for four of us!
Ok, sila tetapkan pendirian masing2... Make it like this. When something happen to our relationship, sila jgn marah2. Terapikan diri dengan mengingatkan diri sendiri dan kawal perasaan. Sbb when we upset, kita lupa yg sebenarnya kita pernah jatuh chenta dengan dia!

Wedding theme color
Monday, November 5, 2007

Dulu2..masa tgk all my fren yg kawin dulu dr myself, I was thinking the pink color was sooo sweetttt... (I cannot hide myself dr jatuh chenta dgn color pink wokeh)!

But, ramai sgt org pilih color pink as their wedding theme... purple is so..~blah~, light green is nice but not into me.., blue is too is outdated..eeyakkss...Red is nice but when the dress is in red, mahu pengsan warna2 meriah ala chinese new year!

Setelah aku pikir and pikir and pikir, so, I choose white and red roses for my wedding theme at dewan. I can imagine that my outfit will look so pure with white color and the pelamin and decoration dlm dewan will full with red roses! Yes, this is final!

Then, for the akad nikah, I choose colorful theme...baju with colorful beaded, colorful nice lah!

And for the reception dekat rumah, hehehe..still cannot avoid with, I choose pink and Soulmate said combine the pink color with black! Yup, it's black! So, pink and black will be my wedding theme color for the reception dekat rumah. Yeeehaaaa... I like lol!

Searching for my designer
Friday, November 2, 2007

Ok, here's the story.
I'm not the type to have something which comes in package. As you know nowadays, mcm2 package pengantin yg kita boleh dapat.. You know why? When it comes with package, sometimes, not all things yg ada dlm package tue, memenuhi citarasa... Mcm situation nak booked dewan hari tue...

So, yesterday me and Soulmate went to Man Kajang for our wedding outfit. Since Soulmate's sister, his cousin, my cousin always go for him. So, aku ikut jer.. tapi mmg aku realize la his dress mmg cantik..

Arrived at his boutique, a lil small discussion, here and there... so, we manage to have him for design our outfit utk akad nikah and reception di dewan. ~Weeeee!~

The price of sepasang baju akad nikah L/P dan sepasang baju reception with french lace and chiffon - cost us around RM five thousand plus plus. Gosh!

Finding a photographer
Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Semalam was so happy coz belum apa2 lagi, I've found a perfect photographer which suit all my needs.. Coz, I'm a lil bit fussy about my wedding album to be!

I've tried to surf at FP since there a lot of photographers over there yg boleh dijadikan pilihan.. During my engagement, I hired Digital Syndicate. They are great! But, I just want to change the touch for my wedding album.. saje tukar angin, searching, searching thru 1 fp to another fp, and 1 magz to another magz, finally I've found one!

Yesterday, we went to their gallery. So, would like to announce, our official photographer for the wedding is belong to CANDID SYNDROME.

They are talented, nice art, nice package too! Dan yang paling penting, it suits Soulmate's and myself interest and of course our pocket too!

Neway, wedding photographs is about capturing bride & groom happiness and the beautiful wedding. Weird angle, excessive photoshop-ing and tacky wordings is so ~blah~ :p

Ohhh.. I just so hated the shots where it featured the bride+groom as a magazine cover... Hahaha... It's so 90's la! Don't u ever!

Wish List - Part 1

I dream to have this for the wedding shoe.. It's from Stuart Weitzman.
Which will cost me around RM1000++!!!

Planning started!!
Saturday, October 27, 2007

9 months to go! Now, the time to hunter for the :

  1. Caterer
  2. Wedding Hall
  3. Wedding Outfit
  4. Music
  5. MC for the event
  6. Photographer
  7. Videographer
  8. Cake!

Ok, Soulmate's and I, dah discuss dah we want to combine our wedding reception which means the wedding will be held sekali sahaja.. No need Majlis Bertandang etc, since me and him are neighbours.. so, nnt nak panggil jiran yg sama juga except his mother friends and my dad friends.

Whee...i love the ideas.. saving and menguntungkan! So, we're try harder to find suitable hall for the reception memandangkan hanya nak buat sekali shj.. We went to :

  1. Dewan Perdana Felda - This place is really exclusive. They offered a package wedding from RM55++ per person if I'm not mistaken. It sounds 'still in the budget' for us but when I saw the pelamin and decoration which comes with the package, eeyukkss.. i don't like it! Soulmate's said, it's ok..we will hire someone for the pelamin.. But for me, it waisting.. Why should I pay for other things yg dah ada dlm package then I need to pay for lagi utk pelamin yg lain.. Unless aku nie kaya raya.. So, Soulmate's kecewa...Sorry syg.. It waste!
  2. Dewan Tun Rahah - The same things happen ! So.. REJECTED!
  3. Dewan Cattleya - I love this place so much but fiance said "Jauh sgt dr rumah kita". So, it's time for me plak rasa kecewa...
  4. After all, we choose dewan yg sgt sederhana which both of us, sekali pandang terus sama2 agree... So, here's the place. Tunggu till my wedding ya!

Right time to settle down
Thursday, October 25, 2007

Once bila I planned the engagement, Soulmate x berapa agree since we're both still young and just finished the study.. But, I still remember the situation at the hospital when my mom has been warded at end of 2005, he said to my mom that he will marry me one day!

I still remember the situation.. My mom smile but she said "Nanti ayah tak bagi..still young.."

But after all, one year after pemergian Mama, we've decided to least, after 6 years relationship on that time, dapatlah mengurangkan kata2 neighbours yg asyik tanya bila nak kawin?

Then, today..after I've been Soulmate's fiance, I've already decided the date for my wedding..

Yes, is the right time to settle down!