Sunday, May 30, 2010

What is Toujours?

Toujours is a GRED A GERMANY DIAPERS. It's much way cheaper than Mamy Poko and the quality is mostly the same. The price is really affordable.

Size and Quantity

Green Pack (Midi - M size) - 4kg - 9kg - 56 pcs

Red Pack (Maxi - L size) - 7kg - 18kg - 50 pcs

Blue Pack (Junior - XL size) - 11kg - 25kg - 44 pcs

RM35 per pack or RM100 for 3 packs~! 

Open order now! Please e-mail me

Goodbye Heels, Hello Sneakers!
Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh! It's almost a month I'm working as a housewife! I try to adjust a lot of things besides Qaira yg tak boleh berenggang nak melekat for 24 hours. First two weeks, it seems that being a housewife was a freedom to me. Absolutely! But another 2 weeks more, huh! Can't describe my feelings! It doesnt mean that I hate or dislike to babysit Qaira for 24 hours. It is just not me to handle myself as a housewife. Meaning that sometimes I love myself being a housewife but sometimes I love myself being an employees. Hahaha.. (ishhh.. banyak cekadak kan?)

5 Great Things About Working Full time

  • Pakai baju cantik-cantik hari-hari
  • PAYCHECK! the best things ya
  • Keluar rumah awal pagi
  • Corporate and professional communications all the times
  • Feeling like I'm competent at something outside of making bottles and changing diaper
5 Crappiest things About Working Full Time
  • Loosing all of my time with Qaira
  • Bangun tengah malam and tengok jam lagi berapa jam nak kul 6 
  • Sakit hati dengan semua org kat ofis and balik ada hati nak pressure
  • Kejar dateline sesuatuyg amat membosankan.. 
  • Habis duit gi keja and balik keja.. hahaha
Mmmm, now, I'm going to say Goodbye Heels and Hello Sneakers.. Coz I need a support la.. Or maybe, instead of snakers, welcome wedges! Hahahaha...

I'm not so intoo....
Thursday, May 20, 2010


I think sbb I tak biasa duduk rumah.
I think sbb I mmg jenis yg bukan duduk rumah.
I think sbb I mmg tak suka duduk rumah.
I think sbb I mmg dah biasa keja + buat keja umah after working hours.
I think sbb I mmg suka berkerja rather than jadi suri rumah.

Being a full time housewife;

I always be there for Qaira sampai skrg nie dia asyik nak melekat dengan I for 24 hours..
I still wake up early in the morning due to Qaira also nak berjemaah Subuh. (I think sbb I dah trained dia dr kecik bangun awal, breakfst awal n mandi awal and believe it or not Qaira complete all the things before 8.00 am.. )
I can't online every minutes due to Qaira yg suka mkn n geget geget 'mouse'.
I mcm dah ketinggalan my 'FB'..dah tak tahu apa yg my fren buat.. hish.
I save my money a lot due to duduk rumah jer kerjanya...


Clean Shopper
Monday, May 17, 2010

Does it look very clean to you? Hish, kalaulah can purchase and use this item while shopping, mommies no need to worry about GERMS! See! Tak payah risau ig baby boleh jatuh sakit pun!

Clean, no need to worry if toys tue nak jatuh ker apa ker, comfortable, stylish, and soooo best!

Wanna purchase this? Here

Expensive toys!
Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toys for babies and kids really expensive kan? Especially those good educational toys and good brand like Fisher Price, Playskool, K's Kids etc. 

But, being a parents, kita tetap akan beli and beli sbb toys are really important to them because there is so much things for them to learn. And learning experience should be fun to them.. mesti ada colors, textures, taste and sounds!

But, after beli an expensive toys for our kids, kadang-kadang perasan tak their interest on toys tue sementara jer? Pastu sibuk nak main yang lain.. It happens to Qaira as well! Rasa mcm membazir pun ada. But husband keep telling me that she will play the things later and later..

That is why I said in my previous entry, I memang tak tahu nak pilih a good toys for Qaira. I takut bila I beli, dia tak guna and risau it such a waste! But, luckily banker said, it is alrite to buy for her. So, I pun hape lagi, sambar jerla! Hahaha..

Ok, those parents yg mcm I, but pikir 10 kali lagi nak beli expensive toys for your kids, here the good new!

U can rent a toys!!!!!!!!!!!

While I survey toys nak beli untuk Qaira, I stumble into 1 website nie! The good news is u can rent an expensive toys like Jumperoo, Exersaucer, Baby rocker, Gym, and swing too!

 Some toys that you can rent from them!

Sounds so good eyh?

Mmm, after belek-belek blog tue, I was wondering and told Aril about this.. After consider beberapa faktor; I really think I want to give it a try. Here the things that they promised us if u rent a toys from them!

  • Toys safety & cleaning is their 1st priority concern!

  • Their toys are safer and cleaner than the toys that are sold in toy stores! 

  • All Toys are carefully cleaned and sanitized between every rentals and then

  • shrink wrapped before delivering them safely to us.

    They are located in Penang. But those in KL and any location kat Malaysia nie still boleh rent their toys. More, u can refer to their website:

    Meaning that, before you go further to buy toys for your kids, we can try it first..  If tgk dorang mmg betul interested with the toys, so, bolehlah proceed niat nak beli toys tue kan.. Betul tak?

    Aha, besides that, yesterday we went to One Utama hunting for walker for Qaira.. After chit chat with Anita;  and her useful entry regarding the walker, so we bought Qaira;






    Actually this is our second choice.. but the one yg I  nak tue, dah out of stock dekat Toys r us MidValley and One Utama! Can u imagine that? Boleh pulak out of stock!

    This is the one yg kitorang cari sampai nak patah kaki! Out of stock everywhere! Hish! I really love this.. 2 in 1 lagi.. walker and ride on! But, tak jumpa-jumpa jugak... Rugi rugi.. 

    And, after a long walk semalam.... Tak sedar Qaira boleh jadi mcm nie :






    Tertido anak I kat stroller.. boleh plak tak perasan! Hahaha.. Sian anak Mama!

    Ok till now, bubye!

    Toys Image : Google

    My 1st Longchamp
    Tuesday, May 11, 2010

    Hey ladies!

    Ok, please let me introduce my first ever Longchamp. Yes, it's my first time nak guna Longchamp.. Terlambatkan? Maybe I'm not so into Longchamp.. But, since parents in laws my sis ke Paris, I asked them to buy 1 for me ler.. 

    And the bag is........





    From Le Pliage Collection.. in Red ok! 
    (Mine yg belakang tue yer.. and depan tue my sis punya.. I cilok this pic from her blog..hiks!)

    I love it to the max even it is the cheaper collection la. Le Pliage jer darlink2 semua... Pasni, I will consider to have Longchamp!

    Pasni, mak nak heret bag merah nie..senang letak brg Abah n Qaira.. besar sket..! Rather than used leather all the times.. hiks!

    What's in May Intrend?
    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Ada Apa Dengan Intrend bulan Mei?

    Besides 5 gorgeous mommiessss.............







    My blog was feautured in there sempena Hari Ibu nie! And muka Qaira Jasmine I jugak yg glamer.. 

    To those yg inform I thru FB tue, thanks ya.. I pun tak tahu sbb jarang baca magz nie... and for Intrend's editor, thanks for featured my blog in your magz! Tq!

    Yeay! I'm a fulltime housewife now!
    Friday, May 7, 2010

    Heylow peeps!

    Subhanallah.. it has been a challenge day bila hari-hari terakhir kat ofis. I'm officially H.O.U.S.E.W.I.F.E now! Yeay! And I'm proud on my status! Serious ramai teringin nak jadi housewife, but I made it! It is a careful and long consideration to make the decision. It's tough when u think u're jobless! But to be true, I'm not jobless! I have my own plan and business and I really want to expand it! Really!

    That's the reason why I didnt update my blog! And thanks a million for silent readers and blogger frens who asked me; "Eh, bila nak update blog?".. and those who e-mailed me and asked is something wrong on me sbb tak update blog! Hahah.. But, I'm still active in FB la darling2 semua.. Hiks! Thanks so much for reading my humble blog! I really2 appreciate sampai mati!

    And I didn't expect I ada silent reader yg ramai. Hahaha... sampai hati korang nak mo komen kat sini.. Bolehlah kita berkenalan kan.. Serius I've received e-mail from them asked a lot of things from me! Hish.. I rasa mcm kaunter pertanyaan yg dihargai... Serius I like it! Oh! and tq sbb invite us to your daughters/sons bday party! It was amazing idea utk menjalinkan ukhuwah! Hahaha.. 
    And last but not least! Semalam was superb day for me! My last day in the office! I biarkan report bulanann tanpa siap! The conversation with the x-HEAD mcm nie;

    The stupid HEAD : I nak u siapkan all the monthly reports by today. Submit all 12 applications by today and 30 alterations boleh siapkan hari nie kan?

    Me : I dah susun semua 12 applications atas meja nie... dah compile 30 request alterations atas meja nie.. I tak de masa nak buat semua nie and the monthly reports? U buatlah sendiri semua nie ya.. I've already resigned and sorry.. I takde masa nak buat semua nie lagi!

    And guess what! I berjaya menyakitkan hati dia dan buat dia terpinga-pinga! Hahahah! I like!

    But after I berambus from the office, sape lagi kan nak kena buat semua tue..Acc to my fren, Kavitha, dia tercongok depan my PC and suddenly he saw gambar Qaira kat desktop..then he said to my fren;

    The stupid HEAd : Ini anak dia ker? U padam gambar nie.. I geli nak tengok!

    Kavitha : Kenapa u cakap mcm nie? Tak baik tau...

    And Kavitha, direct call me and mengadu that the Stupid head ckp mcm nie pd I.. So, being a super gojes mommy; I called him directly;

    Me : Kenapa kau kurang ajar sangat cakap yg kau geli tengok muka anak aku? Kalau kau tak suka, kau padam jer la. Tak payah ko nak kutuk-kutuk.

    The Stupid Head : Mana ada I ckp mcm tue.. I main-main sajer..

    Me : Just imagine kalau aku kutuk isteri kau yg muka buruk, gigi berterabur jongang.. muka mcm hanjeng.. sakit hati tak?

    The Stupid Head : Eh, u jangan ckp mcm nie.. I tak ckp mcm tue kat anak u...

    Me : Kau tak payah nak buat alasan. Kavitha already told me about this. Jangan kurang ajar.. This is my last warning; kalau kau cari pasal lagi dan cakap benda-benda yg aku tak suka nak dengar, engkau dengan company2 tue sekali aku tahu la apa nak buat. 

    Then, tanpa dengar sepatah haram dr dia, I hang up the phone. Puas hati aku! Pehal nak kutuk2 anak plak ni kan! Then he tried to call me back banyak kali.. but I refused to answer.. padan muka kau!

    And the best things is; hahahah.. I berjaya cakap Kau Aku with him! Hahahah.. I rasa puas! If for temporary jer, at least I puas! See? Tak professional langsung kan? Memang padan muka kau! Hahahaha... 

    Ok, back to the story.. I really hate him! I rasa mcm nak tampal jer gambar dia kat sini. Tapi takpelah.. I dah resign nie dah cukup bagus membuatkan dia derita.. So, lepas nie I hope no more sakit hati dengan keja I.. and focus on my biz.. Insyaallah.. ! Pray for me ya!

    Lov y all,