Hantaran Items
Saturday, April 12, 2008

Argghh..in 1 day we manage to get all these!

After we went back from Jakarta, me and Soulmate planned to go shopping for the hantaran items. And we went again to Pavillion and bought many things in one day!

Lihat sajalah gambar..the pics describe everythings...

Hang Out!
Friday, April 11, 2008

Well, seriously things are really mess up and my time is very limited due to the workload in the office and surely the wedding preparation..

Because of tight schedule and pening2 kepala, me and soulmate, went to Hotel Istana for their hi-tea buffet..Well, definitely the foods are absolutely tempting.. uwaaa..from eastern, western, southern etc sumenya enak bangat..heheh..makan sampai xingat dunia..pastu menyesal...ceh...and hotel istana hi-tea buffet is highly recommended.

Then, we plan to go to Pavillion since Soulmate belum pernah pergi lagi.. jalan2 window shopping to have a look for our hantaran items.. Well, Pavillion such a great mall to visit with a lot of designer label over there..mesti beli.. Huh..

Then, after a long walk, we went to the Kenko Fish Spa at Level 5. Heheh..once we get there, I'm so eager to try out since this is the only fish spa treatment in KL. I'm able to let hundreds of little fish eat their way to me, allowing me to have smoother glowing skin in just 30 minutes with only RM38...Which I think it's worth for my money.

But, i will update the pics sooner..coz rite now, i'm very busy doing some research for my wedding outfit yg dekat rumah.. wokeh.
**Pics dah upload wokeh.