SMS from En.Shahril selaku En.Suami
Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tit tit, tit tit, telefonku berbunyi menandakan masuknya 1 sms...

Aha, En.Suami rupanya.

SMS : Tolong cari ubat berhenti merokok, Yang. Kalau boleh in liquid, utk makan.

Simple & tiba2 sahaja bunyi sms ini. Aikkk...dah bersedia ke nie.. But, deep inside my heart, it's good...something that we've discussed a long time ago.. at least he has initiative to do that.. And I know, keputusan utk berhenti tandanya 'he love me'...kan?

So, ada apa2 suggestion utk ubat berhenti merokok? Sila tolong saya cari ubat yang sesuai. If not, we need to go to the clinic to consult wif the doctor first... Tapi consult dgn Dr. dulu is better rite?

Saya sooookaaaa... ~Aishhh..~

Sex & The City - The Movie
Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deliciously Cheese Burger
Chicken Cheese Salad utk En. Shahril

Yesterday, we went to One Utama for movie time....! Yeeehaaa...

I'm so eager to watch Sex & The City The Movie...since mmg sgt2 busy with the workload at the office and my biz utk wedding 08/08/08 nie,. we still manage to jalan2...

The story is about 4 fave frens, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) continue to juggle jobs and relationship while navigating motherhood, marriage and Manhattan real estate. Selain itu, sila teruja dengan designer label yg ada serta wedding gown yg gorgeous lagi menambat hati... Okeh... the rest, sila pergi tonton.

"After years of living in the city, I assumed that if my friends and I ever got our fairy tales endings that would be the end of the story. But real life - always has a twist". - Carrie Bradshaw

Then, after the movie, we have our lunch at Delicious... It's on sale everywhere..but we dont have enoughtime to shop that, aku pasrah... ~sigh~..

By the way, I just take "Which Sex and the City Character are you?" quiz.... and the result, I'm CARRIE... I'm a quirky, witty and every guy's perfect first date...~

Best Captured!
Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dalam banyak2 gambar wedding aku, the best photo captured by Udey Ismail (Candid Syndrome) was this pic!

I feel gorgeous bergambar dlm keadaan rambut huru hara ini.... (ishh..perasan)

Xpe, i just like the natural way of doing the ~hair do~. Heheh.. The make up and hair do was done by Ayang Kamell...

Mmm... we've just finished doing our online photo selection... still didn't get the softcopy yet...will upload my wedding pics after dah dpt gambar yg telah di ~photoshop~ing kan... wokeh.. agar nampak diriku lebih meletops.. Agagaga...


Oppss..pengantin baru nie pun nak posing jugak yer..ceh!

Time for him plak jd pengantin.. but my hubby is not his best man that day...

This pic taken during our wedding..hubby and his fren tue la..


Dunno what the right words to put the title for this entry... Sigh

Today, 27th July 2008, is the wedding day of my husband's best man (pengapit En.Shahril).


Pengapit En.Shahril yg hari ini bergelar pengantin was he colleque during his university's time until kerja pun sama2... ceh...mentang2 dia boleh hire org sesuka hati...We will attend his wedding kejap jek lagi... But, En.Shahril is still sleeping...sbb baru je balik keja kul 8 pagi td...aish... tula..sian kena keja shift...

It's ok., after I attend the wedding, then will upload the pics ya... (Ok, gambar dh upload yer)

Gambar atas tue, gambar En.Suami bersama pengapitnya merangkap kwn baik, En.Shakir namanya...dan juga gambar during their wedding..


Friday, July 25, 2008

Hampir 20 hari aku menjadi isteri kepada Muhammad Shahril Bin Abdul Malek.. Rasa sekejap je since we're in love 9 years ago..Yup, 9 years..dan selama 9 tahun dia ada disini..disisi aku..yg menemani saat susah dan senang bersama..

At this momment, i really miss my late mother...hope she's here...bersama2 rasa kegembiraan aku menjadi seorang isteri... kepada seorang suami yg dia sendiri tahu...yg dia lihat saat2 zaman cinta aku...dr sekolah menengah till dia pergi saat2 semua umat Islam sibuk meraikan's almost 3 years u're not with us.. rasa mcm semalam baru berlalu...rasa mama ada disisi aku..

Ma, i really miss much..I just want to let u know that I've become someone's wife rite now...Dia masih org yg sama...Aril ... yg slalu sembang2 dgn mama bila dtg rumah.. yg slalu ckp "kalau nak tackle anak, kena tackle mak dia dulu.." sounds straight to the point...tapi itulah dia, Aril...yg suka ckp ntah apa2 ntah ikut kepala dia sendiri... yg muka xmalu ckp "saya nak kawin dgn anak makcik" .... and u're just laughed...

Ma, he take a good care of me rite now...he's a good husband and he always talk about u... "Kan best kalau mak awak ada skrg..." ....When he said that, I just can't stop from cry... He promised me he will take care of me... No need to worries... I believed he can hold his promises... that's the reason why I married him...

It's almost 3 years u're not here.. We are doing well here... Ayah masih selalu renung gambar mama... Rizuan is 14 years old rite now...he's bigger and bigger and u don't worry about him...he's a teenagers rite now.. cepat betul masa berlalu...Atiqah was doing great with his beloved boyfriend..and me, I'm happy with my life as a wife..

Masa wedding hari tue, Aril buat slide show about ourself to be viewed by the guests.. Your friends are there too...The slide show buat kita (kita ialah cara aku membahasakan diri dengan mama) tak tentu arah.. Most of the guests cried..myself too...and all the families cried..Aril tenangkan myself..I just can't control myself at the momment I watched the slide..very touching... I wish you're there... to share the happiness...and the momment....

Dalam masa happy2 tue, kami masih tak lupakan Mama... kami buat tahlil utk Mama lepas akad nikah... semoga roh Mama tenang di sana...

Ma, even you're not here, it's ok.. sbb Allah lebih sayangkan Mama... itu yg kita perlu terima.. Sebab setiap yg hidup pasti merasai mati...Kita pasti akan jumpa lagi... itu yg pasti...Biarlah masa sahaja yg menentukannya... Al-Fatihah..Amin.

Hantaran stuff - from him to myself
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ok, here are the hantaran stuff from Mr. Shahril. Yup, i'm the one who made the hantaran..since i'm the hantaran maker...heheh... least we save a lot dr nak tempah hantaran dgn org lain..

I used pink roses, eustoma and baby breath.. the first planned, it should be a hot pink roses..but unfortunately, that day color tu xde..puas mencari di merata-rata...tapi xjumpa.. so, i just used the roses yg ada jer...

But, it's still look nice for me... at least I have a new Coach..heheh

"My sister, Amy (mmg mizunderstood pun) dah bising dlm post shout out...she asked me to put her name as a hantaran maker also..ok, ok, fine.. with the help of my sis, Cik Amy maka terjadilah hantaran sebegini la jenjalan jengah her blog ur right link.. just click to her.."

Hantaran Stuff - From myself to my beloved En. Shahril

Here are the hantaran stuff (some might called it as wedding gifts to the bride-groom) from me to him. It's just a simple stuff and simple decoration. And surely it was my hand-crafted. It's done by myself with the help of my sis, surely. The idea, the stuff for decoration, u can find it for rental at my fp. Feel free to visit

Actually, I love red roses. But, last minute idea.. I would like to try cream roses with colorful sweet williams..So, here the results. I like it so much.
** Pics by Jay Farhana @ Candid Syndrome

My akad nikah outfit
Sunday, July 20, 2008

I just love my akad nikah outfit. As mentioned before, it was by Man Kajang. I just love the beautiful colors beaded on the white chiffon.. i look slim in that dress.. (tula..xmahu kuruskan badan..nila akibatnya... I'm thinking to try the Herbalife..)

Just a lil update about the dress...will continue later... with a lot of stories during the wedding day...

We're married!
Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yup, after 9 years relationship, at last we're married! The ceremony going well as what I've expected. I'm very happy since all the wedding preparations, done by myself with the help of my sister. Alhamdulillah...

Ok, ni rentetan my wedding last week.

Akad Nikah : 10 am, 4 July 2008, Masjid Desa Jaya, Kepong

Reception 1 : 8 pm, 4 July 2008, Taman Ehsan, Kepong

Reception 2 : 8 pm, 5 July 2008, Pusat Komuniti Tmn Tun Dr Ismail

Now, me and hubby sibuk doing our wedding pics selection by Candid Syndrome. I will upload all the pics soon ya.. and all the details about my wedding...