Oh 2008, here I come!
Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 is just around the corner.. While I'm writing in this blog, it's almost 7 hours left to 2008..
Mmm, well..in 2007, byk memories baik yg gembira, sedih, suka dan duka.. Things happened in 2007 yg menggembirakan hati ialah:

1- I've graduated!
2- Manage to build my business succesfully.. Revenue of the year, 5 angka! (good income for small business)
3- Get hired by 3 giant company / organization!
4- Last year for stay single!
When 2008 is coming, i'm planning to:
1- Get promotion! No matter how..ekekek..
2- Expand my business!
3- Ready to become a wife for my Soulmate!
4- Yearly income for my own business + penyata gaji tahunan at my organization = Should be 6 angka for 2008!
Mmm, yg lain still on planning.. but, all these are for sure.. Insyaallah..Amin.