Right time to settle down
Thursday, October 25, 2007

Once bila I planned the engagement, Soulmate x berapa agree since we're both still young and just finished the study.. But, I still remember the situation at the hospital when my mom has been warded at end of 2005, he said to my mom that he will marry me one day!

I still remember the situation.. My mom smile but she said "Nanti ayah tak bagi..still young.."

But after all, one year after pemergian Mama, we've decided to engage..at least, after 6 years relationship on that time, dapatlah mengurangkan kata2 neighbours yg asyik tanya bila nak kawin?

Then, today..after I've been Soulmate's fiance, I've already decided the date for my wedding..

Yes, now..it is the right time to settle down!