Planning started!!
Saturday, October 27, 2007

9 months to go! Now, the time to hunter for the :

  1. Caterer
  2. Wedding Hall
  3. Wedding Outfit
  4. Music
  5. MC for the event
  6. Photographer
  7. Videographer
  8. Cake!

Ok, Soulmate's and I, dah discuss dah we want to combine our wedding reception which means the wedding will be held sekali sahaja.. No need Majlis Bertandang etc, since me and him are neighbours.. so, nnt nak panggil jiran yg sama juga except his mother friends and my dad friends.

Whee...i love the ideas.. saving and menguntungkan! So, we're try harder to find suitable hall for the reception memandangkan hanya nak buat sekali shj.. We went to :

  1. Dewan Perdana Felda - This place is really exclusive. They offered a package wedding from RM55++ per person if I'm not mistaken. It sounds 'still in the budget' for us but when I saw the pelamin and decoration which comes with the package, eeyukkss.. i don't like it! Soulmate's said, it's ok..we will hire someone for the pelamin.. But for me, it waisting.. Why should I pay for other things yg dah ada dlm package then I need to pay for lagi utk pelamin yg lain.. Unless aku nie kaya raya.. So, Soulmate's kecewa...Sorry syg.. It waste!
  2. Dewan Tun Rahah - The same things happen ! So.. REJECTED!
  3. Dewan Cattleya - I love this place so much but fiance said "Jauh sgt dr rumah kita". So, it's time for me plak rasa kecewa...
  4. After all, we choose dewan yg sgt sederhana which both of us, sekali pandang terus sama2 agree... So, here's the place. Tunggu till my wedding ya!


lanna said...

i was wondering which hall u had ur big day at??


FAZLI said...

i went to the same place as you today...also get the same result...if u willing to share the amazing hall that both of u agree with its will really help my wedding also...if u dont mind email me at

Mrs. Amie said...

me to lanna,

It's Pusat Komuniti Tmn Tun!

me to Fazli : It's Pusat Komuniti Tmn Tun Dr Ismail... sederhana, still under my budget and dewan yg cantik!