I'm in dilemma
Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yes yup, I'm in dilemma when unexpected things comes up disaat-saat I've tried to forget about the things.. when it comes to choose either this one or that one, but u don't know how to choose the right things, yup, u're in dilemma..

My story is just a simple and stupid things that need to be discussed.. Unfortunately, I cannot mentioned the things here as it is quite confidential.. But to conclude, if I need to choose between the things yg aku dah ada, aku suka tapi ada tawaran lain from other site which aku baru nak suka benda tue, but aku tak sure betul ke aku suka, sooo, which one is better? The problem is. I'm so eager nak tahu juga if I choose another one which I'm not really sure ia bagus atau tidak in future? Konon2 rasa nak challenge la.. but.. not so sure..Quite stupid ha.. Sighhh..stupid things...