Thursday, February 28, 2008

Here's the sadness things..Ms.H, Ms.R and Ms.Y, all of them are my bestfren ever, melalui detik2 yg menyedihkan when all of them suddenly planning their future with their partner masing2, but suddenly, started with Ms.H..then Ms.R and today I heard that Ms.Y relationship dah broken..sooo..sedih..and my heart start beeping, why this things happen after 3-8 years relationship...

Mine as well dah nak masuk 8 years of relationship..we're engaged, and now planning for our wedding which almost 4-5 months from now.. But, I'm really scared when heard all of my best fren, planning to engage in this year, but all things are.....BULP! Xjadi!!! This things happen badi i, Yup, i try to not relate this matter with badi..becoz jodoh pertemuan di tgn Tuhan.. but, I'm soooo saddddd...

But, when think positively, things happen have its own reason...perhaps, this is the way for them to move in future with other kebaikan..which is we did not know...soo, my beloved frens, here's my advice..
"Take things positively..Sabar is part of our Iman..Doa n Pray are must..but not to forget, after all the sadness disappear, hey, here's come the gedix time for three of you..apa lagi? Carikla bf lain..!!!!"

*gambar kat atas tue, sila abaikan ketidancantikkan kami.. From left. Ms.H, Ms.Y, aku, Ms.R