The DIY Bride
Thursday, May 15, 2008

While sitting n thinking bout my wedding budget, calculate the big things here n the small things there, I've just feeling how lucky I am!! Heheh.. it's because of my DIY preparation toward the wedding.. Yup, I'M THE DIY BRIDE..

A lot of small things that I can manage and do it by myself without hiring someone to do it! Antaranya:

1- Bunga Telur / Bunga Pahar / Guest Gifts / VIP Gifts
Yup, since I'm very familiar with this kind of things (yela, b4 this asyik buat kan utk org je bunga, this is the time) I manage to do my bunga telur etc with my own design.. custom design which created by my self.. and of course with the help of my sis..ekekek..
Total of savings :
a) RM15 (each cost for bunga telur exclusive for VVIP) x 200 guest = RM3,000.00
b) RM3 (each cost utk upah..not included the gift) x 900 guest = RM2,700.00
2. Decoration for main table (for the reception at my house)
After I've received the quotation from my Wedding Planner (yup, eventhough you're wedding planner, u still need one for ur own wedding.. dun try hard to manage ur own wedding which involve the big crowd..just to play safe), I'm thinking, why not I've prepare the main table with my own idea.. since my sis just accept the task to decorate my main table..
Total of savings : RM800
Mmm.. until now, these are the only things yg saya rasa saya boleh buat sendiri at the momment.. yup.. I'm the DIY bride..heheh


david santos said...

Hello, Ami!
I loved this post.
Terima kasih