Fitting time!
Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's almost 18 days to go! Ergghhh...pening, pening la... Yesterday, we went to Butik Man Kajang for the fitting...I love so much...the dress.. the akad nikah dress too... it was sooooo....cantik!

My akad nikah outfit is made from chiffon beaded and satin in white color with colourful beaded on it.. but during the fitting session, the colourful beaded are still not there... only can be ready by next week...

Next, it was my wedding dress for the is in white...i was sooooo....erghhh,,teruja... some more it was my first time to wear a designer dress which cost ribu2an ringgit..but it was so worth to pay a lot of money for the perfect wedding dress.. i like it so much... The dress was made from french lace with full of beaded + chiffon. Oh, again, i was so happy!

Here, the pics during the fitting session..luckily it was biar surprise sket nanti....heheh