Mission Accomplished!
Sunday, August 10, 2008


@ Kopi Club, Low Yatt

Isshhh..eksyen betol la..

That's mine with Leather Casing yg cantek!

This is the one yg En.Suami xsabar2 nak beli...

We bought pillow, towel, socks and lingerie..it's all mine!

Oh, and these things too... sila abaikan DVD Yoga tersebut.. I malu la..

Juga, the leather moisturizer from Coach...

Free items except for the phone..mananya free..ceh..!

Mine & Him

As I said, today I really have a mood for blogging... So, mari kita update..

On Monday, me and hubby telah pun menjalankan misi2 yang di rancang sebelum ini.

Mission : Finding a new hp & selitkan sekali kot2 boleh shopping mana yg patot!

Location : One Utama, Pavillion & Nokia Store, Low Yatt Plaza

Result : Accomplished

The pics describe everythings... We manage to have a new hp.. I choose Nokia E66 with white in color and En.Hubby with Nokia E71 in Black... Setelah penat membeli hp kat kedai Nokia tue je dh 2 jam, we all singgah makan kat Kopi Club, Low Yatt sambil En.Hubby yg tak sudah2 menilik hp baru tue..huh, ingat dia sorang ada hp baru... *wink2*

Then, time sampai Pavillion sudah penat.. I just want to drop by at Coach store to have my leather moisturizer for my white Coach handbag,,,the white handbag (the bag which I've got for my hantaran) dah absorb color from my new jeans... so dia dah jadi biru2..aisshhh..tu yg kena singgah jugak beli...

Setelah duit habis, kami pun pulang dgn gembiranya..

Sekian, terima kasih.


hanie said...

hadoi...byknyer shopping!!! :D

Mrs. Amie said...

hadoi..penatnya pun smpai skrg tak habis lagi..huiisshh..

Anonymous said...

haaiii...so camne ur E66??i wish to buy it too but still waiting the money to be more n more....brape price die ek??TQ

Mrs. Amie said...

En./Cik Anonymous...

Hp tersebut amatlah best..this is the satu2nya worth hp yg i beli.. that day masa beli, they offered me with the package..It's RM2100 including hp, leather casing,head bluetooth, nokia bag, n small cute speaker..(ambil package nie coz they gave the bluetooth tue..the bluetooth klu nak beli around RM195)... so, if ambil hp jek, hanya RM1999.

The features, gps,internet,remote lock bla bla bla..sume adalah..serius..sume ada...

Sekian, terima kasih.