Birthday cake banner anyone?
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Heylow darling2 semua,

I'm stressed for the whole week. To done 16 dulang hantaran + 1 pelamin job and I'm alone!!!! Sape nak keja part time silalah call I! Serius I need help! Of course with extra pay darling! Satu hari keja is more than what u get bila keja opis! Hiks! That is why I really love this job!

Ok, I bukan nak cakap pasal workload stress. Nak tak nak I need to work! Work! Work! And I have something  to share with all of u! 

It's cake banner!

Image : Google

Save your money on cake design and make a cute cake banner based on your theme! I should done this for Qaira's party! Ishhh...nice, cute and something different of course! Wanna try this?

p/s- I received 4 emails inform me that dia ada tgk someone bday party yg sebiji tiru Qaira tp langsung tak credit my name.. for me, suka hatilah.. i can't stop them! why should i bother! hahaha.. at least, ppl admire my work! kan?

Till now,


NuRuLeRnAdEwI said...

Serius kak amie... bln 12 nnt... nak... nak... nak...