Birthday Project on Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Alhamdulillah, again and again praise to Allah that my resignation dulu bukanlah sesuatu yang harus dikesalkan. Hiks! I'm blessed on what I am now!

And, my new passion for what I'm doing right now is more to candy buffet! I just love doing this!!!! And my current obsessed ialah candy buffet for birthday party! Sebab it is more colorful compared to wedding's candy buffet which is more exclusive la kan. 

And I received a phone call from Sasha from London as she stayed in UK. Just thru tele-conversation, last weekend I managed to setup a candy buffet for her son's 1st birthday party!

So, let's enjoy the pics!

 Marshmallow Pops! Really yummy!

 Jellybeans in theme color! With personalised paperbag!

 Aha, ni mmg I suka.. I managed to arrange the flowers and jadikan mickey head.. the green one is mickey mouse and the white with blink blink ribbon is minnie mouse!

 And personalised chocolate wrapper!

 See the mickey cookies, the polkadot apam and snack potatoes!

And the outcome! With personalised banner! Oh! I really love this!

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:: LadyVerde + Mr.Doc :: said...

u r sooo talented babe!
owh that potato crisp!!! mase kecik2 panggil potat wheel! hehehe

nways, salam eid-ul-adha to u & family babe!

~~zaa~~ said...

kak amie sgt successful! congrats kak! :D

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

as always... ;)

Twiggy said...


MissB said...

cantiknya! sangat talented.

nor'aini said...

wow, polka dot apam.i will hire ur in July.crossing my finger (if i can afford u la :) )

webcrawler said...

hebat sungguh..