Damia's Items to let go! - Part 1
Monday, October 17, 2011

Salam all,

Husband and I decided to let go some of Damia's items. We start with this two items dulu ya. First come first serve. No reservation please.

1- Organicz Kids Bottle (wide neck)
From left to right.
a) 4oz white bottle - RM60
b) 9oz purple bottle - RM75
c) 9oz white bottle - RM75

Condition : Semua bottles adalah baru. Perfect condition! tak pernah guna.. tapi dah sterilize sekali because dah prepare utk Damia.


2- Halford Fliplite Stroller
EN 1888 & AS 2088 Certified
5-point Harness
4-postition Recline system
Adjustable Footrest
Side Ventilation system
Peek-a-boo Window
Reflective line for night viewing
Large shopping basket
Foot-operated Breaks
4 wheel Suspension
New elegant Wheel
Compact umbrella fold
Backrest Angle: 4-position Recline
Equipped Weight: 7.2kg

Condition : Dah pakai almost 6 kali sekejap2 jer utk Qaira.. Still in perfect condition.. No stain no anything.
Price : RM300

Those who are interested, e-mail me at miz.amie@yahoo.com

I nak let  go banyak lagi barang Damia terutamanya baju ok... Paling banyak Ralph Lauren.. beli kat butik.. so, next entry i pos lagi ya.

Till now,


AmyMizzunderstood said...

Aku nk bottle yg white 9oz..nk ajar anya pakai bottle dah..reserve utk aku...hukhuk sedihh

anies muy hermosa said...

still ada lg ker stroller 2...???