Hantaran stuff - from him to myself
Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ok, here are the hantaran stuff from Mr. Shahril. Yup, i'm the one who made the hantaran..since i'm the hantaran maker...heheh... xkisahla..at least we save a lot dr nak tempah hantaran dgn org lain..

I used pink roses, eustoma and baby breath.. the first planned, it should be a hot pink roses..but unfortunately, that day color tu xde..puas mencari di merata-rata...tapi xjumpa.. so, i just used the roses yg ada jer...

But, it's still look nice for me... at least I have a new Coach..heheh

"My sister, Amy (mmg mizunderstood pun) dah bising dlm post shout out...she asked me to put her name as a hantaran maker also..ok, ok, fine.. with the help of my sis, Cik Amy maka terjadilah hantaran sebegini rupa...gi la jenjalan jengah her blog ..at ur right link.. just click to her.."


eryan_emily said...

I luv all those hantaran... Nice