5 Stylish new Wedding Theme
Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elo peeps,

Since I'm pregnant, quite a long time tak citer pasal wedding... I love wedding so much! The preparation, the akad, the event gives a beautiful momment to everyone! betul tak?

Well, I just drop by here. My favourite website ever for my very own wedding.. I did a lot of reference in this website during time kawin-kawin dulu.. hehehe...

And here, for the bride to-be out there;

5 Stylish New Wedding Theme (which some of the theme, ada masa my wedding dulu..i like!)

Theme #1 : Stripes

Apply this theme at ur own modern wedding theme! Sangat contemporary! Apply the stripes theme at ur own wedding card or even ur cake!

Pics : The Knot
Pics : The Knot

Theme #2 - Flowers

Love flowers? Especially those fresh flowers yg sangat cantik and natural? Full your pelamin and your hantaran even your event decoration with fully of flowers!

This was mine!

And my pelamin and event hall with red roses flowers during my wedding!

Theme #3 - Dots
Bright playful and fun! Put a touch of dots at your wedding card, wedding stationeries (thank u tag, table tag etc.)
Pics : The Knot

And even a lil touch at your hantaran. Pics : Merisik Gallery

Theme # 4 - Letters / Monograms
I just love letters and monogram... it is very classic n contemporary! And yet look very modern!

My own wedding favors during the wedding! Oh, look... a touch of damask design pun ada!

Letters at your wedding cake... new and fresh idea!
Theme # 5 - Flourishes / damask design
Love this? Modern contemporary yet very exclsuive with flourishes and damask design at your pelamin! Try this! Very classy!
Pics : Adiputra75.fotopages.com


m@Ri@ said...

wow cantik2..maria pun suker giler ngn bhgn perkahwinan but not creative like kak amie..hhuhu..

Aku said...


sape buat your wedding dais ek? mahal tak?

dialicious said...

thanx for sharing amie..everymth i dpt newsletter from weddingknot..baguskan..hehe..the last pic of blue cake tu has been my example of my wedding theme color..insyaAllah..tp susah sket nk cr this color.ur pelamin cun giler k.sape yg design?i dh jumpe adiputra aritu tp die dah fully booked on my wedding day..sedeynye..dorg sgt kretif!ur doorgift tu tempah katne ek?nice!

Mrs. Amie said...

me to maria : creative akan dtg bila kita minat... sure maria pun boleh...

me to aku : it's Aida from Galeri Debunga.. u refer magz Ratu Sehari yg lama2.. she's very talented and pernah jd workers Rizalman..i pun ada no. dia... mine, pelamin kat dewan mcm besar kan + aisle + pintu gerbang + meja makan pengantin with fully of fresh flowers are 5k... but for me, very affordable since penuh dengan flowers yg fresh! Tapi kan babe, dia boleh bt based on ur budget.. dun worry..

me to dialicious : yup, yg susah nak cri color tue will turn out very classic..heheh... refer to my answer to Aku about my pelamin tue.. Yup, adiputra sgt cantik.. i pun suka...!

[ Hanie ] said...

hohoho 5k jer for yours? mmg berbaloi :D Thanks for sharing amie...

Aku said...

amie, not bad jugak eyh the price! Thanks for sharing! =) Leh consider ni. =P

dialicious said...

oh kak aida rahman kan?debunga gallery..i met her at pameran pengantin last mth.i tgk gamba2 pelamin dia cantik sgt.if 5K boleh dpt all that mmg worth sgt la..i mtk quotation dia for catering n pelamin but die x antar2 lagi maybe hilang my number kot.can u gimme her no?thanx

Mrs. Amie said...

me to dialicious : yup.. kak aida.. i used to call her kak ida jer... 013-2344139.. by the way diah.. u mesti remind dia selalu.. biasalah.. org bisnes nie, banyak sgt nak pikir... so, kena remind dia bila nak bagi quotation...push sket..agagaga...

Shumierain said...

Hiii salam ziarah,
kreatip la u punya collection..simple but elegant..