Check up!
Friday, February 27, 2009

Semalam, I pegi check up. Everythings ok... including me.

But, while being scanned by the Doctor, husband nampak kaki baby tendang2... and he/she sangat active! Dan, husband was very excited sambil gelak2 n tunjuk... "Tu kaki baby..."

But, I still cannot feel the baby movement... maybe in 2-3 weeks time.. lamanya... Knit and June dah boleh rasa dah... I can't wait to feel the momment!

still don;t know the gender of the baby... but, it's ok.. nie pun dah rasa happy!

p/s - planning to do shopping this Sunday... Ikea sale la.. was hoping to get the baby cot kalau ada discount la.. surely, it will be in white... biar sama dengan perabot dlm bilik I! Tapi baby nak keluar lambat lagi la... ishhhh... is it ok to have the things now since it's sale here n there?


m@Ri@ said...
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yann said... nye..xpe2 beli jer dlu..pastu simpan tok baby..ngeh3

take care ye..xsabar nk tau gender of ur baby ..cehh kepoh jap...


Aku said...

if me, i just beli je, coz tgh sale kan. dapat save certain amount to top up on other baby essentials! hehe. Klo nak tunggu da 7 bulan ke atas nnt, kot2 tak sale ke time tu, dah rugi dah. hehe. lain lah klo org nak sponsor sume kan, takpe lah klo beli bulan 7 ke atas. =P

it's just my opinion. =)

Mrs. Amie said...

me to maria : yerla... beli dulu la yer..

me to yann : nnt tahu gender kita inform..

me to aku : i rasa opinion u bagus.. akan diusahakan..

me to aerin : aerin, thanks for ur concern pasal spelling mistake crib i taip crab..hahahaha...i ter delete komen u.. cmna nak beli baby - ketam? hahahah(gelak lagi)

Twiggy said...

aaaa... tatau gender baby lagi? i'm guessing you're gonna have a little princess!! heeheheheh!! would be great to hand down her mommy's creative flair ey? :D