Sunday, May 30, 2010

What is Toujours?

Toujours is a GRED A GERMANY DIAPERS. It's much way cheaper than Mamy Poko and the quality is mostly the same. The price is really affordable.

Size and Quantity

Green Pack (Midi - M size) - 4kg - 9kg - 56 pcs

Red Pack (Maxi - L size) - 7kg - 18kg - 50 pcs

Blue Pack (Junior - XL size) - 11kg - 25kg - 44 pcs

RM35 per pack or RM100 for 3 packs~! 

Open order now! Please e-mail me


Blossom inch said...


I ada sent email lama dah tapi no answer. If I want to buy how do I proceed babe. Let me know please.
my email:


Mrs. Amie said...

hi babe

so sorryyy..maybe masuk spam kot..if tak mesti i dah reply..ok i dah email u...