BuSY sebab inilah!
Thursday, July 29, 2010

Events in July!

Event at Semenyih!

The flower arrangement!

Favors! Sesuai for any occassions!

Aqiqah / Cukur Jambul deco!

Wedding at Seri Pacific Hotel, KL

So many popcakes order! And this is the reason I need to cut the order! Sudah terlalu banyak!

So, sebab tak update blog tue adalah sebab ini! Every weekend sangat busy! And all this, I buat in July! Belum lagi masuk minggu nie 19 dulang hantaran, birthday favors and event kat Saloma Bistro! Alhamdulillah! And those sesape yg nak kawen, adik ke abang ke sedara mara ke nak kawen, birthday party, cukur jambul or any event, silalah ke http://merisikgallery1.blosgpot.com

And those yg tunggu quotation for birthday party, hope tunggu my reply ya.. I will get back to you... Insyaallah as soon as possible. Thanks for ur support!

Till now,

p/s - I really sayang this blog due to lama sangat I tulis blog nie dr I grad till now! Will try to update sampai ke anak cucu! HUhuhu...Insyaallah..


Ezzah said...

kak amie, tertarik gila dgn popcake tuhhh! :)

[ Hanie ] said...

well done MG team!
happy sgt dgn your achivement. alhamdulillah..berbaloi2 kan. heeh buat bende yg u suka ;)
doakan akan terus suksesssss AMIN!

alana said...

amie, i did saw LePoppyDesign. n really wanted their party deco design. how did u manage to deal with them? i've tried since lasnite but no reply.
btw, ur birthday party for qaira is so wonderful. n d popcake.. how much for each? hehe.. i'm planning for my lil' girl 1st bday party dis coming sept.

Mrs. Amie said...

Alana, hahah.. itu bukan LePoppyDesign yg buat... itu i buat sendiri dear.. yes, was inspired by them... we do design the banner, welcome board by ourself.. if u nak, sent me e-mail and i will quote for you.. nape nak gi i nternational if kita sedniri boleh buat kan? The popcake is RM2.80 satu..if interested let me know ok


Twiggy said...


bestnyeeeeeeeeee!!! alisha's bday is coming up.. ngeee...