Qaira Jasmine's 1st Birthday Bash!
Friday, July 23, 2010

It's time to update! Yeay! Warning! Warning! This entry might take your time and fully with piccas! Enjoice!

Date : 10th July 2010
Theme : Bugs theme party!

Welcome board

Dessert @ Candy Buffet

Red Velvet Cupcake is yummy!

Colourful straw with colourful cuppies! Anything and everything are colourful!

Favors for guest

Party hat for guest

Colourful lantern is everywhere!

P.O.P.C.A.K.E yg sgt colourful n yummy too!

Macaroons anyone? Fadd, u makan banyak kan? Hahahaha...

Qaira's piccas from newborn till 11 months young!

Pomander paper menggantikan fresh flowers! Nice.. i like! tq to my sis!

Pembukaan majlis with doa!

Qaira with her cousin yg ramai org kata kembar!

Qaira's romper was my idea! Cantik tak?

Mama, I'm 1!

Me, walking like princess Mama! Hihihi...

Saya ada 7 batang gigi! Hihihi

My lil family... always in my heart ;)

Mama, Qaira ada tongkat sakti..if Mama berani, marahlah Qaira lagi... Nnt Qaira jadikan mama Queen... Queen apakah? Queen Latifah...hahahaha... (xboleh blah tau)

Mama loves Qaira and Abah!

Qaira with her cousins...

Clap your hand darling!!!!

Bugs is everywhere!

The chocolate fountain wassss soooo drrroooling.... I sendiri tak sempat nak makan!

Qaira malu sangat bila time cake cutting! Dunno why..hahaha

Ok, I over!

Qaira's 1st birthday cake!

Cake cutting with Mama and Abah!

Blogger frens! Tq for coming... can't mentioned all names.. ramai sgt! tq tq! love all of u! muahhssss

Elyeda is late.. but tq for coming dear!

Anita pun lambat juga! Tq for coming..even lambat pun...tq tq!

Me with my school besties!

And my family!

Ok, I will continue later ya with a lot of stories behind the party.. Nanti I reveal all the vendors yg mengambil bahagian dalam party ini.. hihihi...

Till now,
Bye Bye


nieda said...

wow meriahnya birthday party qaira..tak sia2 u plan awal2...mmg superb

Suzie said...

bestnya nampak happening sgt dgn weather yg baik so pics semua perfect! :) i love colourful theme mcm ni mmg meriah.congrats!

FrH said...

everything looks perfect & beautiful. nice one.
happy 1st birthday qaira anyway =)

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

everything is beautiful!! niceeee... :) ehh.. x sengaja dtg lambat la babe! hihi.

~LIZA~ said...

meriah btol :)

[ Hanie ] said...

huu nak pengsantgk gambar2 yg colorful ni amie. Sgt memikat hati! ;)

ARIBA said...

honestly, ....qaira's party was great.U memang creativelah amie..i suka SEMUA..from deco, to macarroon..everything..colourful, sangat cantik.please3..jadilah birthday party planner pulak selain jadi wedding planner..:-p ...bolehlah mintak tolong u untuk plan for ayra's next birthday bash!!..hehehe..

~~zaa~~ said...

OMG!!OMG!! bestnye...sangat meriah kak amie! u such a wonderful mommy kak!! colourful is everywhere ok!! OMG!!!!

koklie's said...

waa canteknyerr MG ade wat service kt kuantan x? :) cantik rompers Qaira ;)

HaninFarshid said...

wow! from the pics...i know it was a great and fabulous party..babe, u've done a great job....ruginya tak datang :( btw, ur qaira makin cute ;)

Lea Shmea said...

baju qaira cantik! aunty lea suka. hehe.

Thara said...

party looks fun! love that popcake! i saw this done a lot in the States when i was doing my research for my son's bday party. but didn't know this can be catered in Malaysia! but then again, anybody that can bake, can bake anything, no? ;) the party favors look cool too! job well done, babe! :)

ps: did u make the cupcake toppers urself? they're adorable! :)

aSmiDar said...

meriahnya besday sgt2...waahhhh..bertuahnya qaira dapt dady momy mcm yualss

♥♥relyza♥♥ said...

meriahnya besday party qaira...best2..warna warni. sis mmg creative lah

jetsetter said...

I malu sgt2 makan M bnyk sgt..hahahah