Kids Spa anyone?
Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last 2 weeks, I ingat nak bawak Qaira pergi Kids Spa for her first professional hair cut. Dah set appointment sekali Opah Qaira sakit gigi. Rush to Bukit Bintang and brought Opah to dentist. Terus tak jadi.. Last week pulak her Opah pergi Umrah.. then tak jadi lagi.. huhu.. till now nak pergi still tak kesampaian lagi. But no worries! i would like to introduce u all with Kids Spa in Malaysia! Hiks! *Excited*

Feffy's Kids Spa located at :

No. 1-2, Jalan Solaris 3, at Solaris Mont Kiara.

As I said, I belum kesempatan lagi nak pergi. Nak review banyak pun I tak de experience. But would like to inform u all.. mana tahu u might interested to go there! Or we can go together-gether.. hihi...

Aha, the environment in the spa! So cosy and so cute! Right? I can't wait to spoil Qaira!!!

Tak sabar nak introduce Qaira untuk her haircut.. But no so sure either Qaira will enjoy it or not... huhuhu

At this spa, they offer many packages. Ada manicure, facial, hairdo, haircut and hairwash too! More, u can refer here.  I've e-mail the owner. Those toddler from 12 months and above dah boleh enjoy kat spa ni! But, it is limited for girls only! Sorry boys!

And, those yang nak buat kids Spa theme party, this is the right place! Oh! Cool rite?

Till now,

*All pics taken on their website


Ed said...

interior not so kiddy love spalsh of colors

m@Ri@ said...

haritu pn maria ada tgk spa ni dlm misi haziq (tom tom bak)..mcm best je tmpt ni..nnt dah bawa qaira tempek citer dlm ni ek..nk tgk..;)

Mrs. Amie said...

ed, their target smpai 17..maybe their deco tu xnk la bt so kiddy..but u know what,u can email them n let them know ur opinion..perhaps they can improve in future..kan?

Maria,o yer ker??huhu teringin sgt nk gi..when were kids,mana ada sume ni..huhu

Twiggy said...

dekat Solaris kan!? I've seen it!!! i sooooo want a chocolate faciaaalll!! heheheh

e t i e said...

Wah tak tau kat Malaysia ada kids spa. Dulu, first time dengar kat dalam reality show Kimora. My baby baru 10months. Tunggu dia besar sikit baru boleh bawak. Anyway amie, jgn lupa review kalau you dah pegi k. :-)

HaninFarshid said...

amie...memang best sangat kids spa nie :)jom nak..kita bawa our daughter ngedate sana.. ;)

Mrs. Amie said...

Twiggy, yes kat Solaris! Oh, so pampered lah!

Etie, ha yes.. insyaallah.. will setup another appointment n will review it!

Hanin, OMG! I miss u n Kyra so much! lama giler tak jumpa.. Hanin, let me know if u nak pegi.. then i can setup appointment..

lil sharky said...

There's also this place called Cheeky monkey cuts in great eastern mall ampang which also offers salon and spa services for toddlers n kids.
Anyway, I've been following ur blog n would like to put a link in my blog.