BPA-Free bottles?
Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi moms out there.. I just want to ask, have u ever heard about BPA-Free bottles?

I was thinking which bottle that I'm gonna use for the baby... and recommended by frens, semua pilih Avent. But, I noticed semua bottles from Avent yg ada kat kedai around Malaysia nie, it is not BPA-Free bottles? Penting sgt ke BPA-Free bottles nie? Till I end up what is the real meaning of BPA.

You can check it out here.

So, kira2nya penting jugalah for baby health safety. But, kat Malaysia nie, Avent BPA-Free bottles nie belum ada lagi except for online shopping when I suddenly drop here. Tapi kena buat pre-order... baru jer nak order, pre-order pun dah close... ceh... or anyone here tahu mana lagi boleh dpt? Or I need to check it out at Singapore (but husband tgh pikir2 for our trip to Singapore becoz masalah pengsan saya baru2 ini... dia risau itu dan ini....dengar mcm tak jadi jer...)

Product description for Avent BPA-Free bottles :

The Philips AVENT 9oz Natural Feeding Bottle comes in natural and gold color is clinically proven to reduce colic. It has an anti-colic valve that not only reduces colic for less air in baby's tummy, but also works with baby's natural feeding action so your baby controls milk flow, which can help reduce overeating and spit up. The soft, naturally shaped nipple promotes proper latch-on and makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. This bottle is made from Polyether Sulphone (PES) - a BPA Free material with a natural golden-colored tint. All AVENT Nipples and Spouts can be used with the AVENT Bottle, Magic and Via cup.

Taken from here.

Kiranya the product description nie, seems to be BOTOL SUSU YG PALING OK bg saya... anti-colic nie pun penting juga.. B4 nie, I was thinking nak guna Dr.Brown's punya bottle.. tapi Dr.Brown's takde breast pump.. so, nnt mcm susah jer kan... besides, sterilizer dia pun hanya microwave sterilizer... so, kalau nak bawak travel mana2, jenuh pulak cari microwave.

And 1 more questions, kalau beli sterilizer nie, still can fit with Avent BPA-Free bottles tue kan? Anyone here knows? (I think my blog nie penuh dengan bakal pengantin jer..manalah ibu2 nie pegi...hihihihi...)

Oh ya... any suggestion for breast pump? Since, this is my first time nak jadi ibu, I need banyak advice pasal nie.. manual or electronic breast pump? Plz advice.....

Pics taken from here.


fantaghirolynn said...

breast pump cari kat susuibu.com. byk info breast pump pelbagai brand dr ibu2..
anak aku pakai botol susu MAM.. lagi best dari avent

The Mrs-Bride said...

hmm.. my fwen beli electronic breast pump from Rita Rahayu @ Momslittleones.com Try aa tgk! Igt nak tny kat dia gak.. :)

Btw, my fwen maybe nak kasi me Dr.Brown's nye bottles and pump! Tp dia beli kt UK laa.. dia x jadik guna utk 2nd baby dia sbb this time around, susu takde so dia stopped BF 2nd baby.. hmmm.. nnt kalau me dh gi amik the pump n bottles from her, me tunjuk okeh! :)

well, nnt kalo dah tau kt mana ada BPA-free bottles.. share2 la yekk! hihihi.. thx dear!

Mrs. Amie said...

me to fantaghirolynn : Lynn, thanks for the info.. aku malas nak search2.. tapi kalau dah ada website, bagus...terus aku baca...

me to the mrs-bride : Dr.brown's ada breast pump ker? I punyalah surf here n there and enter website dorang.. tapi tak pernah jumpa breast pump Dr.Brown's.. I survey minggu lepas tanya kat kedai..dorang cakap botol ada..breast pump takde.. mungkin kat malaysia takde.. dunno... this is my 1st time nak gi survey2 nih!

Dr.Brown's bottles dah ada BPA-Free..so, no need to worries la..

Thanks for the info babe!

The Mrs-Bride said...

ohh ok.. i tatau la plak! sbb i 1st time dgr dr.brown tu.. oh maybe slama nih i x pahsan! hihihi.. my fwen tu baru gave birth to 2nd child n mmg ada borong2 stuffs from UK end of last year time dia gi hols.. tu yg smlm baru je chat with her, dia ckp nak kasi.. n katanya nak kasi another set of bottles.. dr.brown jgak la kot.. ntah i have no idea... tp nnt la kalo betul ada, i tunjuk! hmmm btw, i thot nak beli Avent Newborn Starter Pack tu.. u rasa elok tak?? part pilih bottles nih yg leceh sbb tatau mana yg elok kan.. oh btw, org ckp beli yg manual pump utk yg baru2 nak mula BF nih.. tp my fwen yg electronic terus.. penah tgk dia pump, cam senanggg jer tp err tatau laaa... susah nak pilih kan? senang dgr org kasi advise jer n terus try.. nak search2 dah leceh dah.. :P

Mrs. Amie said...

me to the mrs-bride : i suka bottle fr Dr.Brown's... rather than Avent.. but if ur fren nak bg tue, bagus sgt la..alahai... bestnya!

Pasal Avent Newborn starter pack tue kan, I think ok jugak tau.. sbb mula2 baby mesti minum bottle kecik jer kan.. after a few months, baru guna bottle besar sket... i mcm u la Knit..susah betul nak buat keputusan.. coz all the stuff bukan murah..salah beli nnt rugi plak rasanya.. that is why I need advice..hehehe...kan?

fuzahoney said...

if u go and chex out at mothercare... ada this 2 brand... MAM and tommytippee... both ada BPA free bottles.
takper if ur pump tuh diff brand from ur bottles... say if ur pump is avent...u beli jer avent nyer storage bottles...tapi bila minum u can just transfer into bottles of your choice.
yes.BPA free is important... tapi mcm i... i guna botol Avent biasa tuh..but i make sure i tukarla the bottles after 4 or 5 months pakai.
happy shopping for baby stuffs. memang best. u can oso visit www.mybbstore.com. i think u can few things there and some them...mebbe on sale!

Mrs. Amie said...

me to fuzahoney : thanks dear..really help... if ada info lain let me know ya...

diana said...

my cousin gune this Avent - Phillips bootle too for her newborn...mmg ok...die cakap la...coz d baby mcm puas minum...die cakap its coz of the puting itself...similar to our tut....hehehe...d design...