It's Party time! ~ Almost lah..~
Friday, June 11, 2010

Heylow darling,

I'm so excited and really have fun in planning Qaira's party! At the same time, I just can't believe that my anak dara will turn 1 in 3 weeks time! Oh! How time fliessss...

Besides all the party thingy, now I'm in the middle to list out the party guest. Some of the guest memang adalah tetamu yg wajib dtg! Hiks! Which they know and close with me and Qaira..of course husband too! But, to those who think that you might and can come to celebrate Qaira's party, do drop ur e-mail address here or just e-mail me at Mana tahu kita tak pernah jumpa b4 nie so that during Qaira's party we can meets up. But, unfortunately it is very limited guest party.. so, those yang e-mail me first, then I will RSVP for you.. Ok? (Please no heart feeling eyh.. kalau banyak bajet, semua I ajak..hiks!)

Insyaallah the party will be on:

Date : 10th July 2010 
          (Qaira's birthday is on 6th and our 2nd anniversary is on 4th! So, it's double celebration!)

Time : 4pm - 6pm
(It will be 2 hours party. Mmm, I tak nak panjangkan masa party tue..As this party will involve the babies. So, please come early and the cake cutting will start on 4.30 - 4.45 pm..Insyaallah..)

Theme : Bugs Colourful theme party
(Parents please wear colourful outfit. While little girl, those who have tutu, kindly wear it on that date. And little boys, any shirt with any bugs printed on it would be nice. However, it is not compulsary.. Please feel free to come and celebrate the day with Qaira!)

Venue : Taman Ehsan, Kepong
(Will be held at my MIL's house. Map and address will be provided with the e-invitation card that I will sent it to you!)

So, see you there!


::Ida:: said...

seronok nye.. teringin nak pegi :( said...


dengan rasa x malunya, i menjemput diri sendiri.. *boleh x mommy qaira?*

it will be my 1st baby birthday celebration tau.. excited nih!

Nana said...

Salam kenalan ..

OoooOoo bestnye buat birthday party.

HaninFarshid said...

bestnya!! i know its gonna be a great party :)

m@Ri@ said...

ala..kalau blh nak p..nk tgk qaira dgn tutu nya..

mummyar said...

wow...sounds great yeah...1st party nya