Cloth Diaper?
Monday, December 1, 2008

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Valcro tape design

Helo peeps,

I surf n surf till I drop here.

A Cloth diaper? Well, I didn't do any survey and tak pernah amik tahu about all the baby thingy till I'm pregnant... So, this Cloth diaper really attrack my attention.. It similar with lampin yg 4 segi tue kan.. but it is more convinient and save ur pocket too! Because, the design was similar with disposable diapers. So, it's easy to wear and safe for the baby.. Chemical free, economic, convinience and comfortable for the baby!

I'm thinking to have this... I mean we can use this cloth diaper when we at home and change to disposable diaper when we go out... The design is unique too and comes with variety of colors.. comel kan? Tapi nak basuh nnt sape? mestilah abah dia kan? hehehe..

What say you?


[ Hanie ] said...

wahh..sgt bagus. Dolu2 pakai lampin kain tu kan...skrang dah ade diaper kain plak yer ;) Bagus2..silela beli ye puan amie. Erk hubby basuh? mama die nnt buat ape ye? kuang3

vivavogue said...

hahaha...i sgt conventional...kat umah pakai nappy n plastic cover tuh....bcoz the maid's mmg jimaaatttt...ngeee

The Mrs-Bride said...

wahh good info.. hehehe..