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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hahaha, kebetulah this was Qaira's first pic in stroller. Bila nampak MBP buat contest, I terus rasa nak join! ~ngeee~

Name : Qaira Jasmine Binti Muhammad Shahril
Date of Birth : 6th July 2009

Ok, we bought this stroller during 6th months of my pregnancy. During that time, both Abah and Mama Qaira was so eager to find a perfect stroller for Qaira. Please excuse our impatience feelings as a new parents. ~ngee~

After several decision made by husband and I, lastly we has chosen Peg Perego Pliko P3 for Qaira. Some reasons why we choose this stroller are because:

1- The warranty only start after Qaira was born. Not after we purchased the stroller. (A good reason to overcome our excitability)

2- It comes with travel system compatible (car seat attaches easily)

3- One hand folding, strong and lightweight aluminium frame + it remain upright with diaper bag hanging over the handles. (that's the reason why we choose 4 wheels stroller)

4- Large storage space (like other moms, I did not exempt to put all shopping things in the basket.. already applied this so many times..hihihi)

5- Husband and I always love the color (Yeah, it's red & it's our wedding theme color.. hahaha)

6- Last but not least; of course it is comfortable to Qaira.

Actually there are a lots of reason why we bought this stroller such as safety reason, nice design, and more importantly it is trustworthy brand!

Well for me, it is fine using a stroller for babies as long as we choose the correct stroller and what do you want it for. For example, if you jog then you'll need to look into the joggers-stroller. Otherwise your baby will not be comfortable and baby' safety is the biggest concern. It is safe to put our babies in stroller rather than carry the baby all over the mall or any places. Besides that, the stroller is very handy indeed when we feels tired or lazy to carry the baby (imagine to carry your baby immediately after a full meal!). Furthermore, babies need stroller because it is 'safe place' to retreat to when the world gets a little too big for them!

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m@Ri@ said...

maria tak beli pn stroller sbb pakai stroller kak kalau ade duit lebih tingin gak nak beli stroller mcm kak amie tu..heheh..tunggu la kalau ada cam takdek je..huhu..

The Mrs-Bride said...

yeah. our stroller mmg lah sama. cuma color jer lain. cam best je join contest ni. hari tu dah ada blog mana ntah wat contest baby dlm stroller tp i dah terlepas. yg ni cam best jer. haruslah digodek pixs adzryl yg dlm stroller kan. heeeee. yeaps! love this stroller too! very convenient to use & tahan lasak! plus, sgt senang nak bukak n tutup kan! jom wat club pliko p3!! hihihi.. c u soon! :D

wina said...

dah ade 'seru' nk join contests jugak ye?? hehe

gud luck to lil qaira!

ARIBA said...

waaaa.i love pliko p3 too...tapi tak taulah bila nak beli..nak jugak join the club ngan u all...rasanya dah sampai masa kene beli jugak..sebab kene jemput ayra kat rumah babysitter dia..takkan nak dukung...hayoo..lenguh ok..

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