Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hai peeps,

Qaira and me nak join contest from Smileykidz Photography! Yeay!

So, below adalah gambar Qaira yang paling I suka bila tengok dia senyummm....

Name : Qaira Jasmine Binti Muhammad Shahril
Age : 3 mths n 3 weeks young

Mommies out there, come and join the contest! Senang jer.. Closed date is on 31st October 2009! So, u still have time to capture ur baby's smile!

All the details and terms and conditions of this contest, just click here.

Their prize offered are :

Pemenang Utama x 1 org:

Outdoor fotografi selama 1 jam

~unlimited shots~

~1 sticky album dengan 20kpg gambar terbaik~


Pemenang sampingan x 2 org:

Voucher fotografi SMILEYKIDZ bernilai RM50

Apa tunggu lagi? Smileykidz Photography are talented and they are specializing in Kids, families and Friends Photography!

What are they offered to us?
Of course photography! But their services is affordable and reasonable charges!

Mana tahu boleh menang kan? So, kalau menang bolehlah Qaira dapat FREE outdoor photography selama 1 jam! Interesting!!!



Huda said...

good luck qaira!

wina said...

luv the 1st pic..memang ceria sangattt!

gud luck qaira darling :-)

~nannoor said...

Salam ziarah dari SMILEYKIDZ.

Terima kasih kerana menyertai ONLINE CONTEST~SENYUMAN CERIA SI COMEL.

Entry anda telah di review.

Good Luck!! :)

SMILEYKIDZ Photography

p/s: Tapi x cukup syarat ni, SMILEYKIDZ xde pun dalam bloglist.

Mrs. Amie said...

hahaha.. ok, will put u in the list.. confused i!