Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello mommies!

so sorry ok! I was busy like a bee from Friday till yesterday. So, to those yg order Tojours, I will e-mail you the tracking number soon.

And those yang nak meets up, i will e-mail you ok.. wait for my reply!

p/s- And those yang call I ajak hang out together, asking for choc fountain quotation and birthday party package, wedding n event etc, so sorryyyyyyy... i tak dapat reply utk 4 hari yg sgt busy nie... Mmm.. Anyway, thank you for your wish.. Our latest project at Royal Chulan yesterday, end up with succesful and a big smile from client and our team! thank you...!

another p/s - Those who asking about being Tojuours supplier, sila e-mail saya.. ok!


Huda said...

wow! gile bz mama qaira ni :)

sabrina.h said...

amie jgn lupe update bout ur project kt royal chulan tue..mcm menarik jer bunyi dia...