Birthday Party - Part 3
Friday, March 5, 2010

What to expect when you've decided birthday cake for your lil one? I mean, for 1st birthday bash!

My suggestion;

1- Go for buttercream cake rather than fondant.
Reason : Fondant cake might look nice. But not very good in taste.But beware! Buttercream is full with sugar kan? Find your own ingredients for the frosting. Cth; whipped cream as a topping!

2- Ingredients of the cake
Reason : Some of baby ada allergic reaction towards certain things on food. So, u might consider the ingredients. Yogurt and whipped cream are the best for the frosting! Try carrot cake or applesauce cake which we know it's really suit for baby. If not, bersedialah if baby cranky after the birthday party akibat sakit perut!

3- Ice-Cream cake anyone?
This is good one yg I boleh pikir! Instead of buttercream, choose ice-cream cake that made from sorbet and frozen youghurt! Baskin Robbinkan banyak.. Haagen Dazs cake perhaps? Might consider this for Qaira's birthday bash! Cause ada yg without sugar or less sugar, isn't it? (hihihi, tak sangka I can think out of the box today!)

4- Make 2 types of cake
Or.... kalau susah sgt. U might choose a healthy cake for baby and large cake with cream and sugar for the guest! Sebab, kalau baby tak comot2 with the cream during their birthday, tak best la! Kan?

Below are the sample of design that you might choose! Cantikkan?

 #1 at the top of the cake! But it's fondant.. You might consider to combine buttercream + fondant cake

Sweet la!

 Small birthday cake for baby and the rest for the guest! Ok kan?

 Underwater theme! Again, it's fondant!

 Another #1 cake!

Aha, I love this! Safe for babies! Kan? No candle! Just a cute alphabet on top of the cake! might consider this also!

p/s - Abah Qaira, please take note on this. Ice-cream cake and no candles for Qaira's 1st birthday bash

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AmyMizzunderstood said...

kalau ada candle pun tak pa..aku leh tolong tiup

Cahaya Kekasih said...

sis!! this is one of my fav blog..cantik2 kek akak ni wat....hehe...

bday qaira mesti best kan..huhu....kalau dekat leh terjah :P

::Ida:: said...

i like cake #1, #3,and #5! comelnesss... sayang giler nak makan :P

Thara said...

hello. i was blog hopping and came across ur blog. what a nice blog u have here! :)

anyways, nak jadikkan cite, i mmg lah sgt sgt tgh survey for tips & ideas (especially on cakes!) for my baby's first birthday thats coming up soon. and mcm u ckp, fondant cakes are soooo ever beautiful kan! tapi tak sesedap buttercream! and thats my biggest dilemma now. not sure where i can find org yg pandai buat cake sedap, tapi design pon lawa ala2 fondant cakes but made of buttercream!

anyways, thanks for the heads up! :)

Misbehave said...

gud idea!

i pon suka yg last skali tu. so sweet ;)

mesti meletops bday qaira nih! hehe.

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Hi, dear. Terjumpa ur blog from ur comment on Story of Us blog *waves to Ida* ^___^

I totally faham your obsession to have the best for your daughter's first birthday. I dulu pun sama jugak. Jangan kata dulu-lah, dengan my son yang baru 3 bulan ni pun I dah survey2 tuxedo for babies untuk his 1st birthday party LOL. The cakes are all too adorable!

Mrs. Amie said...

Amy : Tak mau.. ada ayaq liuq ko nanti..hihi

Cahaya Kekasih: thanks for the link eyh! kalau jauh pun dtglah ;)

Ida : tue cth jer.. Qaira punya simple2 jer..hihi

Thara : yes, i mmg nak share all the things dgn sume org.. thanks!

Misbehave : nope la.. biasa2 jer la babe.. nnt i invite u dgn sunshine skali ok!

Shareen : Babe, i bukan obsessed with birthday party jer.. i obsessed anything about party, wedding etc etc! not for my lil girl jer.. utk semua org pun ;)

SurayaHarris said...

OMG..super sedap nampaknya semuanya..Cant wait for ur girl bday party amie..mesti cute~!

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

suka sukaaaaa... tatau nak ckp apa dah. btw, i suka just heavenly nye cakes.. plus, i ada contact 1 baker ni in bangsar. my bestfriend slalu order cake ngan dia. coollll giler cake2 dia babe. tp fondant type la.. alaa.. kalo wat fondant pun xpe. nnt masa nak makan, put aside la fondant tu. cake tetap cake biasa cuma layering kt luar je keras. so i rasa no problem kot coz leh put aside masa makan. hehehe. pape pun, dah decide on bday date ke? clash ngan adzryl's ekk? huhuhu..

koklie's said...

waa mesti gempak bufday bash qaira ni ;) thanks 4 sharing amie