Thank You to those who sending me your wedding invitation
Friday, March 19, 2010

I guess my blog nie untuk mak-mak jer..hahah

But, lately I received a lot of wedding invitation from bride to be out there. the best things is I have no idea who you are. But I guess you're one of my blog reader yg tak pernah nak komen sbb tak tahu nak komen apa (nama pun blog mak-mak kan..),  or ada yg blogger frens from my sis.. Sebabnya they invited Qaira as well. And ada yang drop kat my e-mail asking for my home address to sent out their invitation.

Anyway, THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR WEDDING INVITATION tue! I was so honored being invited by all of you. I know some are MG's fans.. FANS ker? hahaha... 

Anyway, I will try to attend your invitation. But, lain kali kalau invite, tolonglah letak siapa kamu and dari mana blog kamu tuh! When I received those cards, I mcm;

"Sape nie? Kawan lama ker? Tak ingat sape nie? and bla bla quoestions yg bermain2 difikiran. 

Ok... so many invitations!!!!!!



Cik Kiah said...

amboi amboi...kalah artis kau. Hahaha. I'm back!!!. =)
Another blog mak mak. :P

Mrs. Amie said...

CiK Kiah : ohhh! cik kiah aku... i miss u like crazy.. hahahaa.. akhirnya.. ya Allah..teringinnya nak dtg muka Ayra Rose! hahaha..

sara ahmad said...

yang, i have responded to your comment pasal teddy tuh in my blog.. it's from cradle'n'all, and you can get the number from their own page.. the link ada kat page i.. :) kena by appointment tau, since the shop tak operate like normal shops.. wokiehhh??? :))