Come and Join this Mega Gath!
Monday, December 28, 2009

calling all mommies...
with babies or kids...( tak kisah )

our PD family day will be held at

on the 30th and 31st of January!

( quotation has been sent and GBR management is very thrilled to have us at their they were very excited by the idea of more than 10 babies present and having photography at their beach side so tinggal kita je confirm brp pax nak pg)

sorry to inform that Tiara Beach Resort is not available for family days as they only have a few rooms left , and yg tinggal yg mahal2 je semua

so anyway...


# 2 bedroom apartment ( RM 160 )

( actually ada 1 master bed , and 1 single bed room - if ada yg duduk share bilik ni pun ok, kira 2 rooms maybe the 1 bed tu xsesuai for family kot. small sgt. but if ada bwk maid oklah ehehhee )

# 3 Bedroom Apartment ( RM 250 )
ni sesuai to share with 2 families. ada 2 main bedrooms with bathroom and 1 single bedroom.

# for BBQ buffet + breakfast buffet
RM 50 ( adults ), kids ( 30 )

# for hall rental, gifts, photography fees and goodie bag
RM 50

so in total

2 room apartment : 160(room) + 100(food)+ 50(fee) = 310 per family (plz add RM 30 if u have kids over 2 yr)


3 room apartment : 250 + 100+50 = 400 ( perfamily if tak share room )
if share the 3 room (275)

i think the rates are quite reasonable. thank god the salespeople were very kind enuf to consider giving us a good price for food..tpt lain bbq buffet sahaja dah rm 55.


30th Jan ( Sat )

1 pm : meetup at hotel lobby

2pm : check in/ freshen up/have lunch ( ramai2 pun ok )

4 pm : meet up at pool side/ hall

- sukaneka ( parents and babies ) - trust me..this should be fun!

- babies or kids best dressed contest
- hot mommy contest
- daddy cool contest

630 pm : freshen up, rest

8 pm : BBQ buffet dinner ( insyaAllah at the beach cafe or pool side )
- dinner, mingling and probably karaoke session
- theme : red

10.30 pm : end

31st Jan

8 - 10 am : breakfast buffet

10 am : beach photography

1130 am : freshen up, pack

12 pm : check out and say good byes

what to bring ?

1. ur baby / kids best outfit/ costume
2. your very own best outfit ( mommys contest )
3. your spouse's best outfit ( daddys )
4. one red outfit for ur whole family ( dinner )
5. swimming outfits ( if u want to swim of course )

6. thumb drive or hard disk to copy the photography pics
7. ur baby's/kids fave toys...banyak2 pn bagus


your best smile!!!!!

what to expect?

a weekend packed with laughter and sweet memories!

i cant wait!!!!!

so people...

please promote this event in your blog.u can invite anyone..
as long as you confirm ur attendance by next week and plz confirm to me or mommy anita which room u prefer to have

and also...

open auditions for hosts of the event.sapa nak volunteer?sila sila sila.....

ps : no last minute backouts plz..

harap2 GBR can provide us with the number of rooms required...
tgu everyone confirm baru boleh proceed book the number of rooms...if lagi ramai maybe cheaper kot, AMIN hehehe

** Ok, I just copy paste all this from Sara's blog! (of course la dengan keizinan Sara ok!) Sape yg nak join, sila bagi details and confirmation ok. Cepat2 tau.. jgn lambat... jgn malu2 jugak! Sebab purpose nak gathering nie utk kenal2 la.. skrg dah confirm ada 10 family.. Those yg nak join, as informed before, silent reader ker, hape ker, do let me know a.s.a.p! Sara, I nak apartment with 2 bedrooms ok! Sebab nak bertigaan with hasben n Qaira sajer! Why wait?!

p/s - I dah update my online shop. Check out here


senioritasara said...

yahooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!ok noted

koklie's said...

best2 dpt jumpe all mommies yeayy!!!

wina said...

fun fun fun!

and im so sad sad sad..x dapat join huhu

Lisa said...

wow ! this gonna be so fun ..i wish i can join but too bad ler i kena attend my ex-colleague nye wedding furthermore my hubby pun busy :( ...thanks for inviting me ya amie you have super duper fun ya :)

AmiYs said...

waaa.. x dpt join... hukhukhuk...

m@Ri@ said...

wah dah ade online shop..ops ketinggalan tul maria..huhu..bestnya..bila maria leh ada online shop gak ni..huhu..

p/s:slmt bergumbira kat pd nnt..maria dah confirm takleh join..heheh..

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

i'll get back to u & sara soon!! nak balik discuss which room kami mau.. weeee!! :D

Zezzatty said...

yeahhh jomm jomm jommmmmmmmm!

sabrina.h said...

msti seronok nie...kena bgtau hubby nie hehehe...bile da confirm sab inform u or nit ok ;)

Anonymous said...

ala amie,really wanna join u guys,tp i blk kg..lst min decision..btw,i br blk dr glory beach resort tu..plz expect a lousy maintenance...small parking lot n vey disturbance noise frm the karaoke tent...serious bengang..owh,about an nur tu,x yh appt babe..walk in pon blh..

[ Hanie ] said...

uhrghhh...seronoknyer event ni, kalau ade mase free, boleh intai2 tak? hahaha ;D